Lauryan and Justin

How We Met

Justin and I met at our church circa 2015. We initially met through the worship team but we were around each other for other various activities such as small group, VBS planning, and our mutual friends hosting game nights. Eventually, I developed feelings for him during the summer of 2017, but he didn’t know for another 6 months! Finally, after what felt like forever and a whole lot of patience, he caught on. We flirted and texted for about 2 weeks and then he asked me out after a Christmas party. We had our date the next day and the rest is history!

Lauryan and Justin's Engagement in At our church

Where to Propose in At our church

Proposal Ideas At our church

How They Asked

On Valentine’s Day, we went to dinner at the same place we went to our first date. This wasn’t out of the ordinary for us, but we did reserve that restaurant for fancy dates and anniversaries. Afterward, we went to the mall to walk off all of those carbs before we headed back home. Or so I thought. We were really killing time while our friends were setting up the proposal scene that I did not know about. On the way home, Justin remembered that he had left his charger at the church during rehearsal a few days before and wanted to stop by and grab it really quick. We pulled in and he ran in and returned a few minutes later and asked me to come with him. I followed him inside and we walked over to a room where I could hear guitars playing behind the closed doors. Immediately I got butterflies. I turned and looked at him and he kissed me and said “I love you” before taking my hand and leading me into the room. As soon as I saw the candle-lit path and rose petals, I began grinning ear to ear a grin that would not leave for the rest of the night.

He led me to the end where there was a really pretty arch decorated with pictures of the two of us. He grabbed his guitar and sang me a song that he wrote for me about how and when he wanted to marry me. I definitely had the biggest heart eyes for him than I ever had in my whole life. I don’t even know how to describe how happy and loved I felt.

He finished the song and got down on one knee and proposed to me, and I, of course, said yes! We turned around and a handful of our best pals were there! One of my friends with tear-filled eyes hugged me and said “HOW are you not crying? This is the kind of proposal you see in the movies!” Haha, she’s so right! I’m the luckiest girl in the world! ?