Laurina and Kyle

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How We Met

Kyle and I met in 2017 while we were both attending school at the University of North Texas. He was a Converged Broadcast Media major and I was a Recreation/Events Management major, but lucky our shared interests had us in the same extracurricular activities! We were introduced through UNT’s student-run news station, NTTV, and also both worked with the North Texas Athletic Department. At the time, we were both dating other people, but in the same large group of friends. These days, you end up friends on social media with just about everyone you know, so naturally, we were also friends on Facebook, Snapchat, & Instagram! I graduated a year before he did, and we went our separate ways. Since we both went into the sports industry after college, it was easy to keep up with eachother with a “like” here and there as a virtual pat on the back.

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Fast forward to July 2020…I was on a trip with my friends in Colorado and posted a picture on my Snapchat story of me with a pretty, scenic background of mountains and trees. Kyle took that opportunity to respond to the photo and say “Lookin’ like a dime among the pines” with fire emojis. How could you not respond to that? I thought it was so clever and hilarious! We chatted consistently after that and finally made plans to hang out in October. I didn’t think it would turn into anything serious as I was scheduled to return to my job with Disney Cruise Line two weeks later and be at sea for four months. I think it was fate that it was a “false alarm” and my contract fell through because we have been inseparable ever since.

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How They Asked

Kyle is the most thoughtful person I know. He plans romantic date nights for us on a regular basis, so when he told me we were going to a nice restaurant for dinner, I thought nothing of it! When I asked what restaurant it was, he said it was a surprise, but it was a new and trendy place. Surprises are also a common occurrence in our relationship. Kyle is always coming up with new ways to make my days like surprising me with little gifts, or my favorite snack. So again, the fact that it was a surprise restaurant didn’t raise a flag. I work in the wedding industry now, which requires a lot of weekend hours!

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On this particular Sunday, I was working and he was off, which gave him all day to set up! He started by picking up my two best friends from the airport who had flown in from Maryland and Iowa to be here for our special night. They had breakfast together, gathered all of the proposal site decorations from his apartment, and then went to my mom’s. After a quick change into his suit, he drove to Downtown Dallas to prepare everything. He set up “Marry Me” light-up letters, rose petals, pictures of us, and a bottle of champagne in the most perfect spot of the Dallas Arts District. When the photographer and videographer showed up, he left them to watch the setup so he could come to pick me up from work!

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In the meantime, 40 of our family members and friends were gathering at a local restaurant to celebrate with us afterward. When Kyle picked me up from work, I was extra excited because I hadn’t eaten all day and couldn’t wait for dinner! I was completely clueless the whole drive to Dallas. We parked and started to walk to “the restaurant”. I’m not familiar enough with the Arts District to know if there was a restaurant in the direction we were walking, especially if it was new! Right as we were approaching the spot, I saw the videographer and photographer pop out from behind a wall and I knew what was happening.

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Almost immediately after, I saw his beautiful setup and started freaking out. I could hardly cry because I was shaking and just so excited for what was to come. He spoke the sweetest words, got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him with the most gorgeous ring I have ever seen. I still can’t believe it’s mine! We celebrated together and took some photos before heading to the restaurant, where I was told our parents and siblings would be. Obviously, I was beside myself when I saw it was WAY more than just our parents and siblings, including those two long-distance best friends that I hadn’t seen in months. It was the most perfectly executed night, and Kyle planned all of it himself. I am the luckiest girl in the world.

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Early on in our relationship after we knew that we were the one for eachother, Kyle told me that when it was time for us to get engaged, I would never see it coming. He said it was his mission to make every day together so fun, so exciting, and so spontaneous, that my proposal day would feel just like any other day. And it did, but it ended in the perfect, happiest surprise. I can’t wait to spend forever with my best friend!

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