Laurin and Bryan

How We Met

We met when we were both living in Washington, DC in the winter of 2014. The first time I remember meeting each other was when my roommates decided to host a going away party for a friend headed to Afghanistan. Bryan, however, remembered seeing me several weeks before. Neither of us thought anything about meeting each other other than we were cute and kind. A month or two later, we both went to serve teenagers on a youth retreat with our church in the Washington, DC area. I was the leader for 11th grade girls and Bryan was leading 9th grade boys. One day, an 11th grade girl burst through the cabin and yelled to me, “I know your husband! He’s cute and he’s a pastor and you will have beautiful babies!!” The teenager later also told Bryan about how he needed to date me. This back-and-forth continued long after the retreat. For the next few months, I avoided Bryan because I didn’t want him to think that I was the one coming up with these ideas. After all, I thought he was so serious, intelligent, and too put together for me. How could a free-spirited girl who has no interest in intense philosophical conversations “click” with someone like that, anyway? May 2014 rolled around, and Bryan asked me on our first date. We went to wander around Georgetown, where I was in graduate school, and ate gelato by the Potomac River. We laughed and enjoyed time together. A few dates later, I realized that while Bryan is smart and a deep thinker, he is goofy, spontaneous, and witty. Slowly but surely we became best friends and fell in love. After much prayer, we both felt as though we were supposed to marry each other.

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how they asked

I was finishing finals at Georgetown before flying home to Birmingham for Christmas. Bryan was originally going to come visit Birmingham, but he said he needed to be with his family who lives in Virginia. I fell for it. His family sent photos of holiday events they were enjoying, and Bryan called to fill me in on the fun they were having as a family. It turns out that Bryan was actually in Birmingham. I treasure my friendships and consider them one of the greatest gifts the Lord has given me, so Bryan made a point to get to know all of my friends in Birmingham before proposing. A few days later, I arrived in Birmingham. My family gave each other clues and each family member had to figure out where in Birmingham the clue was in the city. This would be unusual for some families, but for my spontaneous family with a big heart for the holiday season. The last clue was a college joke between my parents. They both went to Samford University in the 80’s and fell in love there. My dad has always been adventurous, so the clue had to do with a prank my dad played while attending chapel one Wednesday. We all walked up to the Reid Chapel and gently opened the door. It just so happened that my parents were married in that chapel. I walked in. When I saw a guy on the front row who seemed to be praying silently, I told my family to hush because they were being too loud. The guy stood up, walked to the center of the aisle, turned around, and smiled. It was Bryan. I walked down the aisle to him and the rest of the family left. He proposed on the stage of Reid Chapel.

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