Laurie and Smith

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Porto, Portugal

How We Met

When I graduated from college, I started interning for a startup in Boston. Here I met my best friend Julia (who later met her now husband at this company, as well)! Julia and I became roommates, and would hang out with the other interns at night and chat about our new company, and more specifically, who we thought the cutest guys at the company were. One of the other girls mentioned Smith’s name, and I remember not being able to put my finger on who that was. Later that week, I bumped into Smith in the office kitchen. We had a grocery service that brought food every Tuesday – including only 2 bosc pears. Smith and I had both gone to grab one of the only 2 pears, and began chatting. For the next several weeks, Smith would grab both pears as soon as they got delivered, and bring them to his desk. He chatted me to let me know that he had them, and if I wanted my pear, I had to meet him in the kitchen to eat with him.

A few weeks had passed, and Smith (finally!) asked me out. About a month into dating, our company moved him to Seattle to start an office out there. Smith packed up his stuff, and we drove across the country in 3 days, heavily fueled by Red Bull. I helped him get settled, and flew back to Boston, neither of us having any intention of pursuing a long distance relationship. But what we thought would fizzle out ended up growing even stronger. With biweekly visits in either Seattle or Boston, we continued to date through his time out west. Six months later, Smith moved back to Boston, and the rest is history :)

how they asked

A few years ago, Smith and some of our friends decided to start a tradition of doing an Ironman in a different country every other year. First was Ironman Austria, then Ironman Copenhagen. This year, it was Ironman Barcelona. The twelve of us had been planning this trip for months. The first stop was Calella, Spain, where all 6 racers did an amazing job swimming 2.4 miles, biking 112 miles, then running 26.2 miles.

The day after the race, we all flew to Lisbon, where we enjoyed all of the food and site-seeing we could find.

Where to Propose in Porto, Portugal

From Lisbon, we took the train to Porto – what I had heard of as one of the most romantic cities. Our first full day in Porto was filled with lots of walking and exploring around the Douro River. We tasted all of the delicious port wine and found a great spot on the water to watch the sunset.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Porto, Portugal

Two of our closest friends, who were with us on the trip, happen to be the most amazing photographers. They got ready to take sunset photos, and pulled Smith’s brother and his girlfriend to the water’s edge for some adorable couples shots. When they were finished, they called me down there for my turn. Smith then came to join me for some pictures of us.

As my cheeks started to get sore from smiling for pictures, I asked if they got a good one and if we were done. Our friends said “no,” as Smith stepped back and got down on one knee in front of his brother and sister and some of our closest friends.

I, of course, said “YES” to my best friend and love of my life.

Special Thanks

Sam Rosenholtz
 | Photographer
Thomas Carter
 | Photographer