Laurie and Erik

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How We Met

Erik and I met in March of 2013 in Eastern Oregon. I had flown out to surprise my best friend, Robert, for his birthday. It was Erik’s birthday that same week, and since he was friends with Robert and Robert’s boyfriend Cody, as well, we, luckily and coincidentally, ended up at the same birthday celebration. I was immediately intrigued! We talked the whole time, and continued to talk as friends over the next few months even after I returned home to New Mexico. After another visit out to Oregon in May, with lots of time spent together and lots of laughs, we started a long distance relationship for over a year. We closed the distance the following year! I moved out to Oregon after following college and haven’t stopped smiling since! Life here with him is so so good. :)

how they asked

Erik had planned a date-day for one of my Fridays off. We often have little day-adventures where we go into the city, go to the zoo, go bowling, etc. So I was really excited to find out what we were doing! Only this time, he wanted to keep it a surprise. I laughed it off and agreed to go along with it. The only clues he would give me were: we hadn’t been there but had driven past it, and to dress nicely, but comfortably. The day finally came and we set off to our mystery date day. We drove over St. John’s bridge, and since it was the only destination I knew following this route, I got suspicious that he was taking me to the auto pick-n-pull. But when we drove right past the turn off, I had no idea where we were going! We circled around and pulled into the parking area for Cathedral Park. He explained that he had seen it online and it looked like a good place to explore. We hopped out and started walking along the path through the park. We meandered, and talked about how beautiful and quiet it was. By then, we had reached an overlook with a few people standing above and a student photographer taking photos of the incredible views. After a few moments, he called us over and explained that he was doing a photography assignment and asked if we could pose for a few shots, claiming “you can only take so many still images”. We agreed, and posed for a few shots. The guy then said, “Okay, I’m going to step back and adjust my camera…”. This was Erik’s cue and he got down on one knee and opened a ring box from his camera bag. I was shocked, excited, crying and shaking! I immediately nodded my head, with tears flowing, and the photographer (actually a professional) caught it all!!

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Special Thanks

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