Lauri and Kenrick

Proposal Ideas Costa Rica

How We Met

I was beginning my fitness journey 4 years ago after joining a new gym. I was frustrated with my progress so I decided I wanted to get my body fat percentage tested instead of relying on the scale. I walked into the gym determined that day. I signed in and walked over to the membership desks where I saw one guy sitting. I went up to him and asked him if he could test my body fat for me. After he did I felt defeated and he could tell. He said, “hey don’t worry, walk with me” he walked around the gym with me that day for 30 mins and asked me what my goals were. I’ll never forget that he said “everything happens for a reason, I’m going to help you.” From that day forward he trained me on his own time everyday for 5 months until he finally asked me to be his girlfriend.

how they asked

My best friend and I planned a group trip to Costa Rica just for fun. We made all the plans and booked the rooms. The day of the flight my boyfriend forgot his green card at home. We panicked, called a car, and left our friends at the airport to try to make it home and back in time for the flight. Little did I know, my boyfriend handed my friend the engagement ring when I wasn’t looking. I was freaking out about making the flight and so annoyed with my boyfriend for forgetting something so important. Luckily we made it back to the airport with 5 mins to get to the plane. We ran to the gate and I heard them call our names over the loud speaker for the final boarding on the plane. We got to the gate and I started crying I couldn’t believe we actually made it. We got on the plane and left for Costa Rica. The next day we planned to hike down to the la fortuna waterfall. Again little did I know my friends all knew what was about to be proposed to. When I wasn’t looking my friend handed my boyfriend the ring and he found a spot for us to take a picture. I handed my friend my phone and as she was taking the picture he turned to me and asked me to marry him.

Lauri and Kenrick's Engagement in Costa Rica