Lauressa and Ryan

Lauressa's Proposal in Our Apartment

We have been together for 6 years and I always knew marriage was on the table, but since we live together it’s kinda hard to surprise the other. So my mother had just recently moved out of state, and so I went to go visit her for a few days. I returned early Saturday morning, exhausted. We had to go to a wedding that day, so I napped, showered, then ran to the store with Ryan to pick up fancier clothes for him to wear that night. The whole time Ryan complained he wasn’t feeling well so after the ceremony and all the toasts, we decided to leave early. When we parked, he lep from the car and ran straight into the apartment leaving me to lock the car and walk in alone. Little did I know, this moment had been planned for days, with all my friends and family in on it. I walked in and completely shocked my whole apartment was decorated in ‘Stranger Things’ fashion. And the rest is history.

Lauressa and Ryan's Engagement in Our Apartment

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