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Back in 2016 my now fiance and I traveled to his families homes in Staniel Cay, Bahamas for the first time together. Between Island hopping, swimming with sharks, and walking hand in hand on private beaches, this is when and where Gaetan first decided he fell in love with me. A little over a year later, we traveled back to their homes for a family vacation. As we were about to leave on the boat to explore the Exuma Islands, everyone kept passing me the champagne bottles to open them. I was a little confused as to why, but i figured everyone was just being super friendly and didn’t think anything of it. The first stop, was a special island to my fiancé and I because we came here last time and walked around for hours just looking for sand dollars and star fish.

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This time around we had a bet going because we are super competitive that whoever found the best sand dollar didn’t have to go skinny dipping in the ocean. While we were walking about to this beautiful secluded sand bar, he called me over claiming he found the winning shell and when he came up to me he got down on one knee with and asked me to marry him!

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It was the most beautiful moment in my life, and his whole family was in on it. One of his brothers was flying a drone on the island and he kept following us with it, and now I know why! The rest of the day was like being on cloud nine. We swam with sharks, played with piglets, and ended the day with a celebratory drink at the yacht club!

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