Lauren Van and Jarryd

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Cape Town, South Africa

How We Met

We were fresh out of high school, and my best friend invited me to join her for a night on the town as she had plans to move overseas. Little did I know, she’d organized to meet up with some friends at a club named Springboks and when I tagged along I was about to meet my future husband.

Proposal Ideas Cape Town, South Africa

That night had been loud and blurry, but Jarryd and I were granted a second opportunity to get to know each other soon after. This same mutual friend had a going-away party at a dam situated on the side of Table Mountain. The night ended in tears! While we were chatting, my car’s window was smashed and the thieves made off with my things. Jarryd drove behind me to the police station to report the crime and made sure I was okay. It was the kindest thing a stranger has ever done for me and as I drove home with the freezing wind from my smashed window, I realized I loved him.

How They Asked

On our 8th anniversary, we were stuck at our home during the corona-virus pandemic. We were nearly 3 weeks into the nationwide lockdown and everything was – and still is – closed except for grocery stores and pharmacies. We are not allowed outside our homes – not even to walk Cooper, our border collie.

Jarryd had an anniversary surprise planned and asked me to stay in the bedroom while he set up. I emerged to find our living room had been turned into a blanket fort and the treasure hunt began with clues hidden all over the house:

“A friend’s farewell and a jug to drink. A few moments with you and I could barely think. We parted ways and I was too shy to ask, but fate would have it that finding you again would not be such a task. Vroom, vroom, we race to the next clue.”

On my car, I found another note. “This car has been around the block! Day two of our adventure – it was quite a shock. Down at the dam, what a sad sight to behold, poor Gerty’s [my car’s name] window smashed out in the cold”

After hunting for clues about our origin story – our first date, and the anniversaries and Valentine’s Days we’ve shared together – we paused for a candlelit dinner of homemade pizza. We then got cozy in our payjamas and watched Serendipity (our favourite movie) in the blanket fort, complete with fairy lights of course.

My next clue was in the sweety jar “So for my final sweet surprise you should suss out a secret chest somewhere that should take 30 seconds to seek”. I knew instantly this referred to the “30 Seconds of Jarryd and Lauren” board game I’d made him for our second anniversary which is on display on the top shelf of our living room. I fetched a ladder and found the small chest where Jarryd keeps his pocket watches next to our board game. I noticed it was very light as I climbed down the ladder. Inside it was the last clue – it said: “Look behind you”. When I turned, Jarryd was down on one knee.

So, without bells or whistles or a hidden photographer, we got engaged in our pyjamas during a pandemic in the middle of our living room on a Monday night – and it was perfect.