Lauren Nicole and Andrew

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How We Met

Andrew and I had had worked in the same office and gone to the same school for a year–yet we had never met! We work at church, he works with teenagers and I work with kids. Last August, Andrew started speaking to our kids and it was my job to coach him. I noticed that he was an incredible communicator, he noticed that I was a great coach.

Two weeks after our first coaching session, I found my favorite coffee drink on my desk with a note. It said, “I brought the coffee this time, but next time you’ll have to come with me to get it!” He even thought to put the iced coffee drink in an ice bucket. Of course I said yes!

We’ve spent the past year laughing, serving others, and having breathtaking, romantic moments. Every single Tuesday, he has left me a “Tuesday Gift.” I now have a collection of a love notes, flower petals, and pictures that have been left on my desk, just like that first iced coffee!

I love this man. I love his heart for God and people, I love his courageous spirit, I love his spontaneity, I love his corny jokes and goofy laugh.

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how they asked

At 4AM one Monday morning, I awoke to a knock on the door. Andrew was there with flowers and coffee! He told me to pack a bag because we were flying to Oklahoma City!

However, when we got to the airport terminal, they announced that the plane would be going to ORLANDO! He was surprising me with DISNEY WORLD! We had the best flight, and we even watched Cinderella in typical Disney flair.

We spent the whole day in Magic Kingdom, where we had the most magical time at the most magical place on Earth. We flew with Peter Pan, laughed with Mike Wyzoski, defended the planet with Buzz Lightyear, and sailed the seas with Ariel. We bought matching Mickey and Minnie shirts (of course). We ended the night by watching the fireworks show. It was breathtaking! In fact, he almost proposed, but decided to wait! We drove to West Palm Beach that night to stay with some friends

The next morning, he told me to get all dressed up. We arranged for me to have coffee with my dear friend who lives in Orlando. We then ate brunch on a pier as we watched the waves.

We shopped for a while, then he told he was taking me to a beach so that we could get some swimming in.

We walked over a staircase on the beach. I noticed a picnic set-up, yet there was no one there. No one except a photographer! I looked at Andrew and said, “Is this happening?!” We walked to the picnic set-up, complete with a beautiful rug, fluffy pillows, and of course, the best view ever. Andrew began to explain his love and commitment to me. Then, he asked the most beautiful question I have ever heard.

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We took the most gorgeous engagement pictures right then and there! We enjoyed a picnic and swim. It was the most beautiful beginning to out greatest adventure yet: life with each other.

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Special Thanks

Jeru Garcia
 | Photographer