Lauren and Michael

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How We Met

Mike and I met in the summer of 2008 through mutual friends. I always knew of him but I didn’t know him personally – and how exactly I knew of him makes me laugh every time! I was dating someone briefly that summer who had a twin sister and that twin sister’s boyfriend was Mike! Talk about a small world! Things fell through with these two and Mike and I realized we enjoyed each other’s company a lot! We started hanging out, got to know each other, and soon after we were boyfriend and girlfriend! We always laugh about how we met and say, “we must have dated those twins for a reason… so we could meet each other!”

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how they asked

Over the years Mike and I talked about marriage several times – we just knew we would get married! In 2015, Mike took me ring shopping so I knew the proposal would happen soon, I just had no idea when or how! Every weekend when we would go out I would think, “It’s going to happen tonight!” Mike definitely had fun tricking me by encouraging me to go get a fresh manicure or asking to make sure I had enough space on my phone to take pictures. I think I got more manicures that year than ever and I even upgraded my storage! But it wasn’t until 2016 that I got to say I do! It was Friday, September 23rd, and we were getting ready to go to Boston for the weekend. This time, I really did have a feeling he would propose. We were going away for the weekend, how much more obvious could it be! I never really tried to imagine how he would do it – I wanted to be surprised but I am a tough person to surprise. I somehow knew he would propose in Boston though!

Before we left for our weekend getaway we had to make a stop in Brooklyn to say good bye to an old friend that was moving. I loved visiting this friend because he worked in Red Hook District and you could go onto the rooftop of his building which overlooked the Hudson. It was just breath taking being up there! It was rush hour on a Friday and we were sitting in bumper to bumper traffic in the Lincoln Tunnel. Mike was noticeably stressed out but claimed he didn’t want our friend to leave without saying good bye. I was excited for our weekend getaway and blasted some music to get pumped for the weekend, I told Mike to stop stressing out. Little did I know the most amazing thing was about to happen in less than an hour and I literally had no idea! We arrived to the building and Mike said his friend was waiting for us on the rooftop. I wasn’t skeptical at all, we always did this.

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I was actually texting my mom, our dog sitter for the weekend, as I walked up the stairs to the rooftop and that’s when Mike asked if I wanted him to hold my phone. I thought in my head, “Why? You never hold my phone!” We opened the door and all I saw was a beautiful sunset, a long white isle runner lined with candles, and a table at the end with champagne and toasting flutes. My heart dropped! I actually was in shock. I looked at Mike and just gave him a huge hug. We walked down the isle and that’s when he got on one knee (but not before taking this awesomely ridiculous picture). He told me how much he loved me and how he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. My heart was melting and without any hesitation I said YES!

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Our friend and photographer, Nick Andriuolo, was there to capture the entire engagement. Afterwards, we headed over to The Good Fork where they had a table ready for us and we celebrated our engagement with some more champagne on the house! They were so awesome! We celebrated the rest of the evening with our friends at Barcade in Jersey City and didn’t even leave for Boston until Saturday morning! Our engagement weekend was absolutely unforgettable. I never dreamed of how Mike would propose, but now I dream about it all the time!

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A few months later we decided to do engagement photos and we are so happy with how they came out! We worked with photographer Jose Melgarejo and he did an amazing job capturing our love. We even used some of these photos for our save the dates!

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I can’t wait to marry my best friend on October 21, 2017 at Perona in Andover, New Jersey.

Special Thanks

Jose Melargio
 | Photographer
Nick Andriuolo
 | Photographer