Lauren and Michael

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How We Met

Mike and I first met in the Summer of 2010. I was busy planning my upcoming semester abroad in Spain. Mike had just finished a semester at Rutgers and was working part-time as a bartender. It began not unlike many twenty-year-old summer romances. Mike got out of a work shift early one night when a friend asked him to meet up with “some Wayne girls.” I, who was occupied with thoughts of Barcelona, was similarly dragged out of the house by my friend to meet some “Cedar Grove kids.” But when we first met, we knew that the summer would be like no other. It was the best summer of our lives. We swam in the Wayne lakes, rode the rides at the Seaside Boardwalk, went to pool parties with friends, and walked the many beaches of the Jersey shore. But the very best nights were spent with just the two of us listening to our very own YouTube summer playlist. As the summer drew to an end, reality set in and it became time for Mike to go back to Rutgers and for me to travel to Spain. Just as we prepared to part ways and say goodbye forever, Mike decided that he just couldn’t let me go … And he never did. Over the past seven years, we have grown to know and love one another as we stumbled our way through life. I graduated from Montclair University and became a first grade teacher. Mike, following his graduation from Rutgers, attended Seton Hall law school and clerked in the state and federal courts before accepting an associate position at a law firm. In November 2016, we bought a townhouse together in Union, New Jersey. We even adopted a cat! Through all of life’s many challenges, we were always there for each other. We laughed, cried, fought, and celebrated together every step of the way. On April 22, 2017, at Branch Brook Park in Newark, under the pink cherry blossom trees, Mike fell to a knee and asked me to marry him. I said yes! And what we both already understood about one another became known to everyone else. Our partnership and love for each other would go on for the rest of our lives!

how they asked

Back in the Summer of 2010, before I left for Spain, Mike wanted me to meet his grandparents at their house in Newark, NJ. As we entered Newark, Mike started talking about these beautiful cherry blossom trees that bloom in the Spring. Since then, every time we go to his grandparent’s house, we drive past the park and talk about how we should see the cherry blossom trees one day.

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Seven years later, on April 22, 2017, we finally decided to go even if it was a rainy day. We took to our time walking around the park, taking pictures and gazing at all of the pink and white trees. As we approached these three huge trees, Mike suggested to walk underneath them. And that is when he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!

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His college friend was hiding across the way photographing every moment! Afterwards, we celebrated with some sangria and paella at Fornos of Spain in Newark. Then we decided to go to my parent’s house to show them my ring. As we walked inside their house, all of my family and friends were waiting there to surprise me! It was a picture perfect day!

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Special Thanks

Dave Costantini
 | Photographer