Lauren and John

how they asked

John is such a romantic and he really outdid himself this time! John is from Alabama and so he and I have been doing the whole long distance thing. For me it all started as just another ordinary day, I went to work and was meant to have family pictures that evening. Or so I thought! After work I got all dolled up and ready to go, my mom had even gotten me a new dress!

When we got up the canyon to Silver Lake, we were met by some photographers who even started taking photos of me as they walked me out to this dock that was just lined with balloons. When I got to the beginning of this long dock and saw him for the first time standing down there at the end, my heart definitely melted a little. John was meant to fly in for a visit on Friday, but he ended up coming in on Wednesday to surprise me. I made my way toward him knowing what was about to happen and not really knowing how to react. When I finally got to him my heart really melted as he pulled out our adventure book which he had put so much thought into. He stood by and helped me read this beautiful little story about us and all the adventures that we had previously been on. We got only a few pages in before I realized that most of the book was empty. The book pointed it out too. And then he got down on his knee and told me that I was his greatest adventure!
It was so beautiful and fun! It was perfect for us!

Special Thanks

Emma Thongrit
 | Photographer
 | Videographer