Shane Co. Couple: Lauren & Jerry’s Picture-Perfect Proposal

6How We Met: Jerry and I went to high school together, and although we knew the same people, we never became friends. In fact, I didn’t even like him! I went to Cal Poly after high school and moved back home after graduating. One night I just so happened to go to a mutual friend’s grad party and Jerry went too. It was by complete accident that we ran into each other again, because I almost skipped it and so did he. We both didn’t really know anyone else at the party, so we naturally gravitated toward each other the whole night. Later, people began pairing up for games and I turned to him and said, “We’re going to be partners, right?” We proceeded to win game after game until finally we both decided to call it quits. We ended up having a great time together that night.

A few days after the party I went on family vacation and we texted back and forth the whole time. After I got back, Jerry kept asking me to go out with him but I was always too busy. I almost messed the whole thing up! Then after not hearing from him for a week I texted him saying, “When are we going to hang out?” He replied, “How about tomorrow?” That was our first date. I remember thinking, why not? We ended up going out to dinner and talked and laughed the whole time. It was the best first date I have ever had. At the time I never would have thought that he’d be proposing to me three years later! If you had told me in high school that this was the man of my dreams, I would have laughed.

how they asked: Our story is a little crazy. It all started when Jerry asked me why we don’t have any professional photos of us. I’m a photographer myself, so he thought it was strange that we had never done a photo shoot together. Without hesitation I jumped on the Internet and immediately booked my favorite photographer. Months went by and while Jerry was planning the proposal details behind my back, I was dealing with a photographer nightmare. I ended up firing her after not hearing from her until two days before our session—we still didn’t have a time or location for our shoot. Luckily, my friend who was doing my makeup for the session was dating a photographer and he agreed to come take the photos of us. The day of our session arrived and chaos erupted down the street from where we live. It was October 24th, 2014—a manhunt was underway in Auburn, California and several cops were shot and killed. There were cops from all counties driving by frantically and helicopters circling overhead while we were walking around Old Town Auburn taking photos. When we finally arrived at our final stop in front of the Auburn courthouse, Jerry took my hands and said, “I want to do a pose of my own now.”

He got down on one knee in front of me, and I could not stop smiling as he pulled the ring box from his sock and opened it. I completely forgot everything that was going on around us.


He said how much he loves me and that he wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. Tears were streaming down my face as I said yes and he slipped the ring on my finger.

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When he stood up everything else came rushing back—the noise of the helicopter circling overhead and the congratulations from our friends who were there taking the pictures. I never really thought I would care if I had pictures of it, but I look back at them often because it was such a whirlwind of a day. Now I can’t imagine not having photos of Jerry proposing to me.

ring2How He Found the Ring: The story of how Jerry, my fiancé, found my ring is pretty different from most. He actually had it harder than other men because not only did he have to keep the ring purchase a secret from me at home, but also at work. I worked at Shane Co. at the time, so he had to make sure I didn’t find out from my co- workers! When we first started talking about getting married, he had asked me the standard, “What kind of ring do you like?” but he also asked me, “Do I have to get it at Shane Co.?” My answer was of course, “YES! I HAVE to have their warranty!” After rolling his eyes in exasperation, he resigned himself to the difficult task of surprising me with my dream ring from my favorite jewelry store. My job at Shane Co. happened to be inventory coordinator, so getting anything by me that had to do with inventory was a difficult task. Luckily, Jerry went into Shane Co. while I was away for a few days. He worked with some of my co-workers and my manager to put together the perfect ring and schemed about how to keep it from me when I came back from my vacation. He told me that when he went in, everyone was so excited and helpful. They pulled a few diamonds they knew I’d love and my favorite setting (because of course all of us talked about our dream rings ALL THE TIME) and helped guide Jerry to his decision. He said that one of the diamonds in particular jumped out at him and he knew it was the one.

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