Lauren and Jason

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How We Met

Jason and I met on Plenty of Fish in June of 2014. We hit it off right away. Jason treated me like a queen and understood my life as a special education teacher and I understood his as a volunteer fireman and hockey player/ref with 7 brothers and sisters. Jason definitely let me know he was the one when he came to the hospital less than a month into our relationship when I was sick with a work injury. He also came and visited me when I was doing respite care and brought them McDonald’s when they asked for it even though I couldn’t bring both individuals out by myself. He has been there every step of the way through my Mary Kay business and my career path changes. He has also been there through my grandmas cancer bought and making sure she is comfortable in every way possible.

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how they asked

We were away at a Mary Kay function called Jumpstart, that was supposed to happen in January. Due to snow we got postponed to February. Jason waited the entire weekend until after the men’s class and training sessions. He was on stage and was asked to tell who he was, who he was with, and what he loves about his woman. Being a director in qualification or DIQ, and the only one in our national area, I was brought up on stage (for the umpteenth time that day ?) and was asked to say something about him and how supportive he is.

Instead our national sales director (lady in the awesome pink shoes) said actually he has something to say to me. The rest is history…

Our Video

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Special Thanks

Taryn, Luis, Cristal, Buddy, Roya, Noah, Kristen, Dj Rocco, and the entire W.I.L.D. national area | 
Gave Jason the courage to propose in front of over 100 women