Lauren-Elizabeth and Rob

How We Met

We first met at uni and we’re put in the same flat together – we all found out before hand who else would be in our first year halls so we spoke for about 2 months & told his friends I was the one before we actually met for real!

how they asked

Rob insisted we climb up a massive mountain to see the sunrise. There was snow up to our knees as we were making our own footpath (joined with paw prints of wolfs). In the middle of nowhere it was just us and that was perfect already. He set the go pro to face us rather than the scenery and I thought it was strange but didn’t say anything. But he captures pictures of the whole thing! I got given the most romantic speech before he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. There was lot of crying involved. So much so that he had to ask twice as I didn’t hear the first time! It was truly magical and I’m feeling sky high. Can’t wait for my gorgeous man to be my hubby now!

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