Lauren and Zach

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How We Met

Zach and I met in college at the University of South Carolina – it was the very first weekend of my freshman year and his first year of pharmacy school. My cousins also attended school there and were friends of Zach’s.

We were all at a pool party and I met a number of my cousins’ friends, not really remembering each one I had met or their names. After we left the pool, they both told me that a guy name Zach had asked about me and wanted to see me again later that night.

We showed up at another party that night and as I was standing with a group of people, I turned to them and asked, “So, which one is Zach again?” The guy standing next to me overheard my question then turned to me and quietly mumbled “I’m Zach…”

A couple weeks later he was making regular dinner-date pickups on his Ducati outside my dorm.

how they asked

Five years later, we were planning a December trip to New York City. I was so excited to explore the city during this time of year and enjoy all the sights with Zach. I had our weekend all planned out – I had even convinced him to look at engagement rings at my dream jeweler on Fifth Avenue!

On our first day there, we walked around the city, got lunch, and headed towards Central Park. We both decided the line was short enough to check skating at Wollman Rink off our New York bucket list. We spent the next hour trying to stay on our feet and look as graceful as possible. As we were finishing up, I randomly began to tell Zach how much I cared about him and how I appreciate all he does for me (which he ultimately told me calmed his proposal nerves).

After we were done skating, we starting roaming around Central Park. We came across a beautiful location and he suggested we get someone to take our picture. I started fixing my hair (much needed!) and he started positioning me for the picture.

When I put my arm around him, I felt him start to shake, and in that moment, I knew what was about to happen.

Zach looked at me and asked, “Is it necessary to go to the jeweler tomorrow?” My heart dropped as he got down on his knee and asked me to marry him. He claims I said yes but I can’t remember anything I said or did in that moment!

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After we had our time together surrounded by cheering bystanders, a photographer draped in cameras, walked up to us. He continued to capture our reactions and walked us around Central Park taking a few more pictures. After he left, Zach and I sat on a bench together in the park and it finally started to hit me. I couldn’t stop crying (a complete stranger even came up and offered me a tissue). I was so thankful for such a perfect proposal, a perfect ring and an absolutely PERFECT man to spend a lifetime with.

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for the ring, Why did you choose platinum?

As told by Zach: I wanted the ring to be something that would last forever and that I would be proud of, so after researching different metals I chose platinum for two main reasons. Platinum offers resistance to wear and tear that can’t be matched by similar colored metals. I know that white gold and silver were both options for the bright and shiny look, but both of those metals are soft and have the potential to bend or appear worn. To seal in our love I wanted nothing but the best which is why I chose platinum.

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