Lauren and Zach

Lauren and Zach's Engagement in His parents house

How We Met

Zach and my history goes all the way back to the year of 2005. We were both seniors at Glen Este High School. Mutual friend Megan is who we owe our entire relationship to! If it wasn’t for Megan, who knows if we would have ever met! (I am a total believer in fate though, so I’m sure our paths would’ve crossed eventually ;-). We began dating immediately and soon realized it was different with us. We spent the rest of our senior year inseparable- senior prom, graduation, moving off to college. Things didn’t last long though- I went off to school at UC and Zach was beginning his life in a different direction. We parted ways after dating for a year and a half. I was devastated- I knew he was my person but also soon realized, it wasn’t our time. We always kept in touch. We would see each sporadically over the years, always texting and keeping up with each other’s lives. In 2016, Zach began pursuing me again, insisting that we had to try things again, 10 years after it all began. I was hesitant at first- a broken heart always remembers those feelings, no matter how long ago it happened. I knew a part of my heart had always been with him but I didn’t know if I was willing to open up again. On July 17. 2016 after a couple months of seeing each other and dating pretty regularly, Zach popped the “girlfriend” question and I said yes.

how they asked

Fast forward to September 2017, Zach tells me we are going to his parents’ house for a little get together. No details were given and while we had discussed marriage and a rough timeline of when we wanted that to happen, I was in the dark. I arrived that day to the most wonderful surprise I’ve ever encountered in my life- Zach had our entire family and our closest friends hidden at his house. I walked into his backyard and I immediately knew what was happening.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in His parents house

He got down on one knee, spoke the sweetest words, and I said YES! We now are planning our wedding for November 17, 2018. I still can’t believe I got my happily ever after!

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