Lauren and Zac

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How We Met

Zac and I met a little over 5 years ago in our freshman year of high school. During freshman year, Zac’s friend’s locker was right by my locker. The first time I saw him by his friend’s locker, I knew something was different about him; and I loved that! It was pretty funny because for the longest time, we didn’t talk to each other. We just stared at each other, but without the other one noticing. So, I had no idea he was interested in me and vice versa!

A few months into us observing one another, he finally asked me what my name was. When he spoke to me, my heart started racing. I thought, “Wow. He’s talking to ME!?” That night, he found me on Facebook and we started chatting back and forth. We asked each other silly questions like, “What’s your favorite color,” and “What’s your favorite season?” (What else would 14-year-olds talk about? Haha.) Once we knew “enough” about each other, he asked me on our first date. Of course I nervously said “YES,” and we went to the movies together. By the end of the night, he was so nervous around me, he forgot to ask me to actually be his girlfriend. (It’s okay though, because I forgot about that part, too.) After our date, my parents came to pick me up, and his came up to pick him up as well. Yep, we couldn’t drive for the first year of our relationship. That was fun because they took us everywhere! (Nope. Wasn’t fun. Sorry, Mom and Dad. I still love you.)

I got home that night, and he called me. He told me that he was sorry because he forgot to ask me a very important question. He said, “You are so beautiful, and I had so much fun with you tonight. Will you be my girlfriend?” Of course I said “YES,” and the rest is history!

how they asked

Earlier in the week, Zac told me that he made dinner reservations for Saturday, May 14th because he wanted to treat me with a nice dinner in the city. He suggested what I should wear, and he also told me to look “myself.” I wore my favorite jeans, shoes, shirt and jacket, and I was so excited to go to dinner with him! I was really suspicious when he told me he made reservations because we weren’t celebrating any special day, so at first I kind of thought he was going to propose. I did my nails just in case. (And thank goodness I did!)

So Saturday came, and I arrived at his house around 1:00. Apparently he “wasn’t” in the best mood because of a “headache,” and I just thought, “Nobody’s perfect, right!?” But, he did so much to really push my buttons. Long story short, we have a really hard time surprising one another and keeping secrets from each other, so later on I found out he treated me this way so I would have no idea that he was going to propose to me that day. So it was all for fun and games and, well, it worked! He definitely surprised me, and then of course he apologized after and I forgave him while laughing about it all.

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Anyways, we get into Sydney and I was so thirsty so I had to stop to get a drink at Starbucks. While we were in line, he said, “Oh shoot. I need to call the restaurant where we have our reservations because they were supposed to text me to confirm and they never did. I’ll go and call them while you order.” He went to call them and came back and told me, “Bad news. They don’t have our reservations… I’m so sorry.” After he told me this, I was pretty upset. But, he told me that we were still going to make the best of this day and have fun and go walk around. So, that’s what we did. He started acting nicer, held my hand and laughed with me. At this point I had decided in my head that today was definitely not the big day because nothing seemed to be going right, but I did feel much better about this date day now that he was acting so sweet.

In the middle of our walking and window shopping, he asked me if I wanted to go and see the sunset at the Opera House because we’ve never done that before. I said, “Sure, why not? Sounds fun!” So we casually walked to the Opera House, and on the way there, we walked through these beautiful gardens that I’ve always wanted to walk through. The weather was absolutely perfect — not too hot, not too cold. Just right. As we got closer to the harbor, he told that there was a point on the path he wanted to take me to and that it was the perfect place to watch the sunset. I was so excited to see this!

When we got to the point (Mrs. Macquarie’s Point) he was talking about, he told me that he wanted to take a picture of me looking at the sunset. So, not being suspicious of anything, I walked out onto the end of the long rock, and looked out at the sunset. I waited for him to take the picture, then all of a sudden, someone tapped on my shoulder. I turned around and when I did, Zac was in front of me, bending down to get on one knee. To be honest, I thought he was tying his shoe, so I asked him, “What are you doing?” Then, he pulled out this cute wooden box and opened it. Inside was a beautiful, sparkly (my favorite kind is sparkle, so he did good) ring! He looked at me, smiled, and said, “Lauren, will you marry me?” I was SO surprised, and I said “YES!!”

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It was such a beautiful proposal; the sunset was absolutely gorgeous, and I’m so glad that we were able to have a photographer capture all of the excitement and emotion!! Oh, and one more thing, our dinner reservations weren’t lost. It was prank! He had everything planned out and we went and had a wonderful, tasty dinner at a romantic place in the city. It was the most dreamy evening ever and I can’t wait to marry my best friend!!

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We would like to thank Moïse Youmba for capturing this special moment for us! We would also like to thank Ross, a very sweet man that happened to be sitting on a rock taking pictures of the sunset, right by where Zac proposed. He photographed a gorgeous silhouette of us with the sunset. Also, special thanks to Haniel and Yi Ying for coming to the proposal to celebrate with us!


Special Thanks

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