Lauren and Viren

How We Met

Viren and I met in 2012 when he was an internal medicine resident @ SUNY Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, and I was an RN on a floor. We were friends for years, and he would always tease me about my height when he came onto the floor, and we would always joke around and go get coffees. I then moved to the ER and it was at this point that Viren decided we were going to date. He ( as I found out much later ) used to wait for hours after his shift until I got out at 11pm to always ask to go get a drink downtown. He was exceptionally persistent to go on a date and for a while I refused. He persisted for months and at one point I got very sick and was home from work, so he mailed me a humidifier from Amazon, ha! a week later was my birthday and he drove out the 45 minutes from the hospital and brought me Thai food and my favorite red wine, stayed to have dinner and then left; the ultimate gentleman. It was at this point I knew he was someone exceptional and I needed to give it a shot! That was the best decision I have ever made, Viren is the most giving, thoughtful, selfless person I have ever met. We ended up moving to Boston in June, with our two adorable rescue pups, but we both miss SUNY Upstate and our work family like crazy!

how they asked

Viren knew how much I was ( and currently am ) still missing my work family and friends in the ER @ Upstate. So he came up with this amazingly crazy awesome idea to propose to me on the top of the helipad on the top of the hospital. I was clearly stunned and SO excited! He had been emailing and calling security, and administration all week to get clearance. we had been planning on driving back to Syracuse that weekend anyway, so he was trying to get the whole plan together. My friend Missy was in on the plan the whole week, and gave me a story about this “trauma transport class” she had all week, and how she accidentally left her bag up near the helipad ramp. An hour before we went to the hospital ( to meet our friends, and Missy for happy hour, clearly a setup! ) he ended up rushing me and then attempting to stall because a helicopter had landed on the roof! Several of our close friends/co-workers had brought up all the flowers, candles, and champagne and set up the ramp. We are so grateful to Upstate for still keeping us close as family, we love that hospital SO MUCH!

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