Lauren and Vince

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how they asked

The first question I am always asked is “were you surprised?”. Yes! I had no idea Vince was going to ask me to marry him. Several months before we left for Greece my friends and acquaintances would tell me that he was going to propose. I would shrug it off and tell them what Vince was telling me. Vince was telling me that he was going to propose from October 2017-August 2018. Vince proposed on the third day of our trip in Athens, Greece. In each place we decided we would go on a special date. I picked out a restaurant called Orizontes Lycabettus that sits on Mount Lycabettus. I showed the restaurant to Vince and he jumped to make the reservation. I didn’t think anything of it, just that he was excited to go! As we were getting ready for our date I wanted to relax and enjoy a glass of wine, something we normally love to do. I kept begging Vince to sit with me but he wouldn’t. Vince was insisting on ordering the Uber an hour and a half early. I thought he was being so ridiculous! Though I pleaded for Vince to relax with me, he just wouldn’t. Mount Lycabettus is the highest point in Athens, Greece. To get to the top we rode the Lycabettus Funicular. Since we were so early I asked Vince if wanted to see the church.

Well he said no and raced by it. Now I am pretty confused! Vince is practically running down the hill. I was complaining, asking Vince why we would pay to ride up just to walk all the way down. Vince ignored me and continued to go down the hill. I follow him and continue to question why we are racing down the hill. Vince arrives at this bench and has me step down. Once again, I am being difficult and I don’t want to step down. Well, eventually I did. Then Vince starts his speech. I am a bit confused because I am not sure why he is doing such an intense declaration of his love. I didn’t want to get all excited and then Vince pull out a pair of earrings. Then suddenly he pulls on the ring and gets on one knee.

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That is finally when I knew what was going on. Of course, I said yes! Once the proposal started to sink in I was crying and Vince turned me to see the photographers. After the initial shock of the proposal hit the photographer took our photos while the sun was setting. We then went to the restaurant for dinner. The food was delicious but we barely ate. I was asking Vince for all of the details and how long he had been planning this. I was so excited to get back to our apartment to call my mom and two best friends to let them know the news. I didn’t think anyone knew! While we were at dinner Vince told me no one knew except my mom. Once again, I had been tricked! When we got back to the apartment Vince had made a video of all of over friends and family saying congratulations. Almost everyone except me had known for months!

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