Lauren and Tylon's Bootcamp Graduation Proposal

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How We Met

Ty and I met in high school. I was actually good friends with his girlfriend at the time (oops!) We hung out at the mall with some mutual friends and I couldn’t help, but fall for him. After he broke up with his girlfriend, he and I began hanging out more and more.

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how they asked

I went to SC with Ty’s family to watch his bootcamp graduation. On the way back we scheduled a photoshoot with a photographer that had done a couple’s photoshoot with us before. We wanted pictures together while he was in his uniforms! Little did I know he went behind my back and told her his plan. In the middle of our shoot she told us “Okay touch noses!” When we pulled away, Tylon went on about how he knew he would miss a lot, birthdays, anniversaries, and more, but there’s no one he’d rather spend that time with. He then proceeded to reach into his pocket, drop to one knee, and ask me to marry him. Of course I said yes! Our photographer got such amazing photos!

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Special Thanks

Laura Snell
 | Photographer