Lauren and Tyler

Lauren and Tyler's Engagement in Walt Disney World

How We Met

I met Tyler through a mutual friend at the time and I had no intention of dating anyone especially someone younger than me. Tyler grabbed my attention in many ways but it was his huge heart that made me want to talk to him. We started off friends but it turned into something more after one date. We’ve been together since April 2013 and just like all couples we hit some rocky patches but we never gave up on each other. During the first few months of dating he told me that he would take me to Disney but I never was a Disney lover or really a fairy-tale type of girl but I was excited nonetheless. Tyler runs marathons I was there for his first one and it’s been our thing for almost 4 years. Disney was no exception we went so that he can participate in the Goofy Challenge which is a half marathon on Saturday and a full marathon on Sunday. Well since our first visit to Disney I’ve been hooked, I love it and I’ve gone every year since then for the races or just for a vacation.

how they asked

This time was no different we planned our family trip to Walt Disney World for Tyler’s 7th marathon and of course I was all nerves because it’s never easy running 26 miles especially when you have to wait for that person to pass. It happened to be the coldest day but I woke up at 3 am got dressed in as many layers as I possible could did my hair put a little makeup on grabbed my phone made sure Tyler was up and we were on our way.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Walt Disney World

The race started at 530 but runners had to be their early to sign in so I waited till 5 to go to the Magic Kingdom which I always wait at to see him. The castle is decorated in beautiful lights it’s my favorite time to see it because there’s less people there at that time.

Proposal Ideas Walt Disney World

6:15 comes and I’m waiting anxiously for Tyler to run through the castle which was at mile 6. I see him and my heart melts he just brings this huge smile to my face I yell for him so he can see me and here he comes towards me and he lunged right into a proposal.

At that moment the whole world faded and it was just me and him I started crying and I said Yes!

It was the most perfect moment and we were able to run up to the castle and take pictures we ran back to where I was standing where his mom dad and little brother waited for us. He still had 20 miles to go but he took his time to savor that moment with me before jetting off. 15 minutes later his other brothers come running down the castle and gave me the biggest hug congratulating me on finally becoming their sister. Disney brings fairy-tales to life and made me realize that my story was just beginning and that my happily ever after was just around the corner.