Lauren and Tyler

How We Met

Tyler and I actually went to the same junior high and high school together. We knew of eachother but never actually spoke or had a single class together. We graduated in 2010 and in 2012 Tyler friend requested me on Facebook and sent me a message that said “Hi we’ve never talked in high school but how have you been?”. I immediately stalked his Facebook to see if I remembered who he was and I did. I obviously thought he was cute but indecisive of whether or not I should message him back. Later that day I was with my cousin and she told me to NOT message Tyler back because it was “strange” of a random guy to message me after all these years and never speaking in high school. I chose to ignore her advice and boy am I glad I did! After a few messaging back and forth- we decided to meet for an ice cream date and things sparked from there! After a few serious dates- we became boyfriend and girlfriend. After a few months- he decided to tell me “I love you” by spelling it out in alphabet cookies. As any girl would, I freaked out and ate one right in front of him. Poor guy had to wait a whole month for me to finally say it back. Six years later – we’re engaged!

how they asked

In the six year we have been dating Tyler and I have been fortunate enough to travel many places together. Our absolute favorite spot to watch the sunset is in a grass area on a beach in Maui. We had this vacation booked for a few months and it just so happened to be our 6 year anniversary the first Friday we were there. My parents and siblings were there a week before we arrived for their own vacation and it worked out perfectly that we overlapped a day with them- that Friday. Earlier that day my mom had suggested that we all watch the sunset as a family and go out to dinner after. The idea of an engagment had crossed my mind several times, but I had no idea it would happen during this vacation. The entire day Tyler kept his cool and showed absoltely NO signs of nervousness. My mom on other hand could not keep herself together, she randomly started crying at lunch but I didn’t think anything of it (just that she was being a crazy lady). Later that day my family, Tyler, and I headed to the sunset spot. We sat for a few minutes before my mom asked Tyler and I to take a picture. Once she finished she said “Ok Tyler, I took the picture..”. Tyler looking down at me and said “I have a question to ask you”. I immediately knew what was happening but I didn’t believe him and told him to “stop playing around”. It wasn’t until he was on one knee with tears in his eyes did I realize he was serious. Once he opened the box I saw a gorgeous ring and kneeled down to kiss him. We were both shaking but so excited! So excited forgot to say YES!