Lauren and Tyler

Lauren's Proposal in McKinney Falls State Park in Austin, Texas

How We Met

We met in the summer of 2011 at a fun (yet tasteful) basement house party. Fun Fact: We both had considered heading home early that night, but thank goodness we didn’t! After catching a glance from each other across the room, we both abandoned our usual awkward tendencies and talked and laughed for hours!

At this point, Tyler knew he had to get my number, but the question was how. After a few minutes of brainstorming, Tyler decided the best approach would be to ask me for my number and it was easy as that. Just kidding! Tyler accidentally deleted my number the moment I left and he was certain that was a wrap on our short relationship. Thankfully, a good friend also had my number and Tyler was able to retrieve it.

A couple weeks later Tyler invited me to his house for a party he claimed he was having. When I shockingly (to him) said yes, Tyler scrambled to plan a large scale party from scratch, he did not want to appear foolish. Our first official date was dinner on the north side of Chicago and a long walk along the lake path. If you ask us, we would say our favorite part was sitting in unbelievable traffic on the Stevenson and listening to music together. Neither of us wanted to say goodbye and for once in life, we didn’t mind the Chicago traffic.

How They Asked

One thing we always enjoy is finding new TV shows together. When we started watching HBO’s show The Leftovers it really spoke to us and allowed us to have so many deep conversations about life. The second season was filmed in Austin which was a city we had been wanting to visit. So, we decided to make a trip and visit some of the filming locations, as well as explore the city.

On October 14, 2018, we went to McKinney State Park where there are two areas of waterfalls. We stopped at the lower falls first, I immediately started to get sunburned but it was beautiful. Tyler thought about how he wished he proposed here because he was originally planning on asking me later on a bridge which was another prominent landmark in the show. We ended up driving around the park a little more and saw a sign for the upper falls. We got out of the car and started walking down when Tyler said he forgot his coffee – he knew he had to ask here and not wait any longer. He had the ring hidden in the center console of the rental car, which he’s glad I didn’t open!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in McKinney Falls State Park in Austin, Texas

When we got to the falls we saw a shady area further down which I desperately wanted to get to in the Austin heat. To get to it, we had to take our shoes off and walk across the slippery falls. Tyler made me go first instead of helping me across because he didn’t want me to see the ring box in his back pocket! When we finally sat down he said he’s really glad that he didn’t fall on the rocks because he had our engagement ring with him. I didn’t believe him until he pulled out the box and asked me to marry him. After asking each other for fun the last 7 years, this was definitely my favorite time and a trip we’ll remember forever.