Lauren and Travis

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How We Met: We both grew up in, and live near, the [real] Jersey shore, so it sounds very cliche but we met at a local beach bar called Bar Anticipation (aka Bar A) in Belmar. I’ve frequented Bar A for years and never EVER did I think I’d find my future husband there! I was out one summer night with my sister and friend when I found this shy, ridiculously studly guy sitting at a high-top table near the bar. We chatted for a bit, hit it off and Travis asked me on a date. But I actually ended up canceling at the last minute [sorry babe!]. Then I left on a work trip in LA and he was not taking no for an answer. So, I agreed to go out when I got back on the east coast (and stuck to my word!)… and now he is my best friend and fiance!!

how they asked: I work long hours in NYC and Travis works for days and weeks at a time on the road and away from home, so we always cherish the time we do have together. Trav was home one weekend in January and we were keeping it lowkey, hanging around the house with our two pups Lilu & Piper (who we are obsessed with!). At one point, he started talking about how much he loved me and our future together. We’ve talked about this many times before, so it wasn’t anything unusual. Suddenly he pulled out a beautiful white box that had a bright light shining down on the most gorgeous, sparkly ring! I think I proclaimed an “Oh my God, Yes!” somewhere in between the tears as I sat there in my leopard pajamas with our dogs jumping on us. We sat by the fire, popped open a bottle of Dom Perignon and started calling family to share the exciting news. Such an incredible feeling; best wintry night ever!!

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The ironic part is I’m such a HUGE planner and detail-oriented; Travis is… not, ha! He told me after the proposal that the only way he knew he could pull it off was to keep from doing anything out of the ordinary or I would know something was up. He definitely succeeded with an intimate proposal and I’m so excited to become his wife!!

Travis went to a family-owned jeweler that my family has frequented for over a decade. It has a princess cut center diamond and 86 diamonds that compose the rest of the gorgeous ring! He did an amazing job!

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Photos by Vanessa Joy Photography