Lauren and Tommy


How We Met

Tommy and I met about four years ago, I met him while I was working at a restaurant when he was having lunch with his mother, who I had been talking too the entire time while she was waiting for him to arrive. I can’t really explain how, maybe it was his devilish good looks, or his amazing personality but we talked all night, and history was made!



how they asked


What makes Tommy and I work so well is we’re each others best friends, we have the same interests and I know that a lot of couples say that but I have never met someone who would come up with the same ideas and want to eat, drink, dance, & travel to the same places I’ve only dreamed of. Well soon enough we moved in with each other and got our fur baby Harvey, and things had never been better. We had talked here and there about getting married, I deep down inside wanted my Carrie and Big scene where he tells her “Your the one”, and like any other girl that dreams about her one true love getting down on one knee professing his love for her, I knew he was my one. SO jump to May 5,2016 this was our 4 year anniversary, we had planned to take the whole day off together and spend the day being in love, WELL my job didn’t want to go along with our plans so I unfortunately had to go into work, ruining our plans, but since Tommy still had off, and little to my knowledge he had something special planned. On my way home from Connecticut he called saying lets get pedicures! I can’t turn that down so naturally, I asked him to bring my sweat pants so I could change, I couldn’t wait to take a nap because i had been up since 6am driving all day I just couldn’t wait to sleep. I had a feeling something was going to happen when he told me he had a very special dinner planed, I couldn’t wait. As we were walking to our home, I tried opening the door and all 3 locks were locked (normally if my mom comes to visit she locks every single one so I thought she had stopped by) finally after some struggle I opened the door, there was candles in the shape of a heart in the middle of the living room, with baby face “every time I close my eyes” playing in the back round, Tommy walked me to the middle of the room (i started crying I had been waiting for this my whole life) professing his love “you are my one and only” “I have loved you for a very long time”, and then finally “will you marry me?” omg looking down at him at the ring I thought my heart was about to stop, of course I said YES! (if you could hear it through all my blubbering), then my parents and our best friends jumped from around the corner with his mom who now lives in Arizona on facetime (I had always told him I want my friends and family there after to celebrate) I couldn’t be happier, he then told me to get dressed and go to dinner where his father, Nonno, and more family and friends would be. It was so thoughtful in our home where we had made a living together, and to have our friends and family be there, because he knows how much they all mean to me. I keep replaying the video of us over and over because it just feels like a dream. I can not express that feeling where you just close into the person you love, and hear them say the most wonderful things about you, it feels so right, we’re on cloud 9. I am so excited for what is to come!

Right after he proposed <3