Lauren and Tito

Image 1 of Lauren and TitoHow We Met: We met at a church youth camp in 2010. I told him we would become best friends and sure enough we did. After being best friends for two years we went on a missions trip to Costa Rica in 2012. After we came back from our missions trip we both realized our feelings for each other had changed. One month after returning we decided to pursue a dating relationship. We became boyfriend and girlfriend on September 19th of 2012.

how they asked: After dating for almost two and a half years on February 15th he took me out to celebrate Valentine’s day since he had to work the day before. He took me to one of my favorite locations in Winter Park and we had lunch and then visited a wine tasting restaurant. He told me over lunch that he had another Valentine’s gift for me and that he would give it to me later on that day. I had no idea what that gift would be. After leaving the wine tasting restaurant he took me to a beautiful fountain area and we sat down for him to give me my gift. He pulled out his laptop and told me to watch video in the video he shared moments throughout our relationship and towards the end of the video I realized he was proposing and when the video finished he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.