Lauren and Timothy

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How We Met

I met Tim at Luther College my Junior year despite going to the same (small) school for 3 years and both being fall athletes. I was actually dating someone else at the time we met, so I didn’t think much of Tim! I was always in the athletic training room trying to get something repaired and then one day he showed up on a table next to mine. He was VERY chipper, almost annoyingly chipper for the training room…especially this instance as I was getting the staples removed from my head. I left the training room and didn’t think much of the annoying kid in the training room until I saw a Facebook post later that night. Tim had torn his ACL for the second season in a row. His senior season. As an athlete I was overcome with sympathy and I just remember (as lame as this sounds) wanting to hug him whenever I saw him because no one goes though something like that, especially twice, and doesn’t hurt.

The day of his surgery I finally spoke up and wished him good luck on Facebook messenger. His drugged up goofy self replied within seconds and there began our friendship. My friendship with Tim transformed and grew me as a person. He gave me a perspective of myself I would have never noticed had he not been in my life.

Being Tim’s friend was the most freeing experience I could have asked for at the time. I got the courage to say I deserve more; more from my relationship, more from my friendships, and more out of life. Before Timothy I didn’t enjoy life. I got out of my unhealthy relationship, I spoke up about what was hurting me, I was able to speak freely about my depression and anxiety, and I was able to be myself. It wasn’t until I rebuilt myself into someone I loved that I finally “allowed” Tim and myself to be more than friends and that wasn’t until almost a year later, but I have loved him since day one.

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how they asked

It all started because my beautiful family of three, my mom, sister and I, always do Valentine’s Day cards instead of Christmas ones (we love loveImage 3 of Lauren and Timothy). Last year was a tough one and we didn’t get around to sending them out. This year, under the guise that it was totally my idea, I asked one of my best friends, who is a fabulous photographer, to take them for us. Little did I know their plan was months in the making and in all reality, Mo and everyone else knew so much more than I did.

We made our way over to Pulpit Rock, a popular local bluff known for its amazing view. It was a gorgeous day and the sun was shining, but it was freezing, like 18 degrees freezing! As we made our way up the trail to the top of the bluff Mo started snapping our sister pictures as I was snapping at Masen to put her phone away and to try to not look as cold as she felt. We got halfway up the trail and my mom moved off to the side with a smile on her face. Behind her, on the side of the path was a polished silver tray with red rose petals, pine branches, my favorite scented candle from a local store, and a black envelope with a date in silver writing. My first thought was that it was a memorial for someone who loved Pulpit Rock. Then I saw it was Timothy’s writing and I melted. I opened the first letter and it was the story of how we first met. Making my way up the bluff, I continued to spot these beautiful little trays along the way.

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The second, third, and forth dated envelopes contained our most meaningful and significant memories together. The fifth envelope had that days date on it, 12/9/17, and just like the other contained a white note, however this specific note was blank. I turned the corner, coming to the top of the bluff overlooking the town of Decorah and there he stood, with the biggest smile on his face and a bouquet of a dozen red roses.

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I could tell he was full of emotion, both nervous and excited. It became clear that we were meant to be right there, at that very moment. He pulled me close, gave me the bouquet of roses and said, “You are the most beautiful person I have ever known. I will never deserve you, but I do know that you deserve nothing less than the world. I would like to try to give that to you.” Then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Overflowing with emotion I said “yes” and we closed our arms around each other on the verge of tears.

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As I stood there with my family surrounding me, I looked up to see all of our friends and other family members walking down from the opposite path towards me. I have never felt so much love and support in my entire life. He made his proposal the best it could have been for me. Tim has always been my safe place, my rock, my person, and has made it his mission not to try to fix me, but to help me see I am loved and that I am worth the love I receive. Every story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite.

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Special Thanks

Mo Speer
 | Photographer
Sarah Doreza
 | Makeup & Hair