Lauren and Tim


How We Met

Tim and I met when we were cast opposite each other as husband and wife in the Shakespeare play Cymbeline. I was attracted to him instantly! We started rehearsals in New York, and one of the things we had to stage was our characters’ secret wedding.. Earlier that day we had been doing some ensemble-building by doing an exercise called a ‘weight-share’ .. where you hold hands with another person and look into their eyes. Then, you both lean slightly backwards so that you are evenly distributing your weight between the two of you, and if either person lets go, you’ll fall. It’s a great trust exercise! So, cut to later in the day.. I remember standing across from Tim as our director gave notes to another actor. Tim and I just started doing a weight-share, and stared into each other’s eyes for almost a solid minute, without speaking.. It was fascinating and terrifying.. I started to tear up. After rehearsal that day I knew that I had real feelings for him, and that scared me! Was it real? Or was it the play? Did he feel the same way? A few days later we travelled up to Maine, where we would perform the show for the next few weeks. Almost immediately, we started hanging out and it was clear to both of us that this was a real thing. We shared our first (off-stage) kiss after the fourth of July fireworks and it was wonderful! We did the play, came home to New York, and haven’t left each other’s side since!

These are some photos of us in Cymbeline:




how they asked

As a photographer myself, I’ve shot lots of engagement sessions and surprise proposals. Every time I would finish a session I’d come home and tell my boyfriend Tim about how lovely it was for the couple to have that moment captured for them to look back on.. I just adored seeing the love in their eyes, and giving them the gift of beautiful images. Little did I know that Tim was listening, and planning.. because last December I had a photographer friend visiting New York from England and she wanted to have us model for her portfolio. So Tim and I met her in the morning for an engagement-style shoot in Central Park. We were having a great time, being lovey-dovey and then, about halfway through the shoot, Tim and I were cuddled close and all of sudden he says, “Lauren…” and he got down on his knee and asked me to marry him! Neither the photographer nor I had any clue, and we were both so surprised! Now, looking back, I’m so glad that we had her there to document the moment because our emotions were running so high and it was such a blur! We celebrated by going to see the new Star Wars film, and drinking champagne! :)








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