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How We Met

Tim and I met back in 2012 when I was just an 18-year-old senior in high school and he was just about to turn 21! I was the one to add him on Facebook but I almost didn’t click add because I thought he was too cute and wouldn’t accept! After closing the internet and going to take a shower I thought to myself what if that’s the love of my life? So after my shower, I went to my search history and added him! Nothing happened for a few months and one night I finally got an email that said “hi” and nothing more I quickly replied because I was so excited! I didn’t get a reply until the next morning! (Come to find out he was so nervous when he sent the message thinking I was too cute to reply lol) After messaging back and forth on Facebook for a few days we exchanged numbers and talked for a few weeks!

Lauren and Tim's Engagement in Switzerland

Lauren's Proposal in Switzerland

We finally agreed to meet in person so he came to my house after baseball practice and I suggested we go get some in n out because I figured he had to be hungry! So we got there I order my food and offered to get him something as well but he said no thank you, so once my food came I felt bad he wasn’t eating but I could tell he was really shy so I said “you know you can have some of my fries right? “ still he didn’t eat. After a few minutes, I said. It again but this I turned away and from the corner of my eye I could see him grab a handful and quickly eat them lol! He later told me he was way to shy to eat in front of me which I thought was way too funny!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Switzerland

So after hanging every other day for the rest of that April we went down to seal beach pier and after walking to the end and back (again because he was so shy to ask) on April 21st, 2012 he officially asked me to be his girlfriend and since that day we have hung out every since day together never missing a day! I have never met someone who I was more in sync with and who I just genuinely cared to be around. Since then we have rescued 5 dogs and a few cats along the way! We love taking pics we take a new themed photo for each month we have been together and make a scrapbook for each year! We have managed to travel to all 50 states during a road trip that we planned back in 2015 and it could not have been more perfect! He moved in around 2016 and to be honest the rest is history! I’ve never met such a kind, caring and compassionate person. And I am so lucky to be able to call him my fiancé! 4-21-12 & 4-13-18.

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WE ARE ENGAGED!!! My heart is honestly filled with nothing but joy and happiness I am sitting here writing this with tears of joy! I have been dating my best friend for 6 years since I was an 18-year-old high school senior who just stumbled upon his Facebook and he had just turned 21 and now I am finally able to call him my fiancé! Today is a day I will never forget! Going on a tour on top of the Swiss Alps! During our Italy/Switzerland trip! When we first got to the top it was perfectly sunny but when we were finally able to get a photo together, a blizzard hit and it immediately got foggy and started snowing!

I thought it was totally funny and cool that it was snowing but little did I know Tim was trying to pop the question and was having an internal crisis because he had been planning this moment here for so long and did not know what to do! So not until our 3-hour tour was over did the blizzard clear up and that Tim was finally able to ask me to marry him!!

Before heading back down the mountain with the help of our tour guide and other members of our tour who helped take photos and videos and I honestly wouldn’t have wanted it any other way! I can not wait for our beautiful future together and to live out all of our crazy dreams and wake up every day next to you! You truly are the love of my life and my best friend ! 6 years down and forever to go! 4-13-18 4–21-12

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