Lauren and Thomas

Image 1 of Lauren and ThomasHow We Met: How we met is not too exciting. I was an event major in college and needed an internship. My mom who works at Orlando Health and mentioned that there was an opportunity at the foundation. I interviewed and got the position. Thomas also worked there and I got to know him while working together. I never knew this then but he says he liked me from day one. My mom told me that before I worked there and before Thomas knew that she was my mom, she would ask him if he had any single friends for her daughter. He always said that he did until he realized I was her daughter and then he said absolutely not. Thomas waited to ask me out until my internship ended. (It was a long 6 months!)

how they asked: A week before Thomas proposed, my cousin got engaged. I was totally wrapped up in the concept of her engagement that I was oblivious to the fact that Thomas could propose to me. I remember it was a Friday night and I’m stuck at work because it was pouring rain. After being rushed through texts to come home since we had reservations with my parents for dinner, I finally got home and changed. Looking back, I found it weird that Thomas followed me throughout the house while I touched up my hair and makeup. We finally left and headed towards my parents’ house to park (who live downtown by the restaurant) and then we would meet them there.

Since we had a few minutes to spare, Thomas decided to go the longer way which led towards Lake Eola and the back entrance of Spice restaurant. Thomas starts to ask about my day and I told him what was going on with my cousins’ engagement. Trying to distract my attention from seeing the photographers he had arranged to be there to capture everything; he put my attention towards something on the other side of the lake. We crossed the bridge and Thomas led me to the lake in a mulched spot under the trees. At the moment I had no idea why we were going off the sidewalk. Thomas starts out by saying, “You know I love you…”. At this second, I thought that this conversation could go two different ways, very bad or very well. After those few words, I don’t remember what else he said, it was all a blur. He then proceeds to get down on one knee and I am totally speechless. The rest is history!

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After the proposal, he surprised me with an engagement party too!

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About the ring: Besides being engaged to my best friend, the ring he gave me was priceless. I didn’t know it at the time but I soon found out that when Thomas was looking for rings, his grandmother told him to give me one of her mother’s diamonds. The ring that Thomas gave me originally was absolutely beautiful but since it was on a basic band, Thomas wanted to make it ours. Since he knew that I loved the cushion cut rings, we went to the jewelry store and picked out a band that not only I loved but one that Thomas loved too. We decided to put it in a square setting with a band that has a twist. I was so honored that Thomas and his grandmother wanted to give me a family heirloom, it made me feel part of the family more than I already did. The fact that Thomas and I could make it our own, made a family heirloom even more perfect, if that’s even possible!
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Photos by Eternal Light Photography