Lauren and Steve

Image 1 of Lauren and SteveHow We Met: Steve and I first met our senior year in High School (2007). We have had the same mutual friend our whole lives and my best friend has been friends with him since the 6th grade. Somehow we never crossed paths until September 2007, but became close friends then. My group of friends, including Steve, and I have remained close friends to this day. We have rented a house for prom all together, have gone camping and water rafting, been through many graduation parties, and so much more. After I graduated from Towson University, I moved to San Diego, CA. I moved to that beautiful state in May 2012 until I got a full time job back in NJ in October 2013. Upon my visits back home while still living in CA, I would plan to meet up with my group of friends, again including, Steve. When I moved back home, my best friend, her then boyfriend (now fiance), and I decided to rent a house in Manasquan, a beach town 5 minutes away from our hometown. Down the street, Steve and his friends did the same thing. We were a walk away from each other. The first weekend we were all living there, Steve and his roommates had a housewarming party and afterwards, Steve walked me home. We said goodnight and less than 30 seconds later, I got a text from Steve saying he forgot his wallet. I opened the door and he said “I can’t go another night without doing this” and then he kissed me! The rest was history.

how they asked: Steve sets these days up he calls ‘secret Saturdays’. He plans a Saturday with any activity but won’t tell me. He will just tell me what to pack, how to dress, etc. Our first ever secret Saturday we went parasailing then spent the day in Cape May and Wildwood! This year he told me, pack a bathing suit, wear a sundress, bring my GoPro, and comfy clothes to sleep in, and that we had to leave by 4pm to get there on time. I got in the car and he said I have to be blindfolded or close my eyes, but could not cheat. I like surprises, so I closed my eyes and promised not to cheat. We were in the car for over 40 minutes. When we parked, he led me out of the car, with my eyes still closed walking me a few feet and up a couple stairs. I heard a door open and when he told me I could open my eyes, I was standing in the same house my best friend and I rented, in the same doorway, Steve and I had our first kiss (Manasquan, NJ – Only 5 minutes from my where we initially left, for our ‘secret Saturday’) I look out the door and my best friend who I lived with, is standing on the porch taking pictures. Steve got down on one knee, asking me to be his wife. “Of course” is how I immediately replied. Steve has even wrote a song about the walk to my house and our first kiss in that doorway, so a proposal there was picture perfect for us.

Image 2 of Lauren and Steve

Both our families knew the whole time and were waiting for us at my parents’ house in Point Pleasant to celebrate.

I couldn’t understand how we got to go inside the house my friends and I once rented. Steve and my best friend Kayla contacted the owners of the house we rented from, and informed them of the proposal plan. They then informed the weekly renters that were that Steve planned on using the house to propose, and they were beyond happy to help. They left the house and watched on the neighbors porch and even greeted us with champagne once he popped the question! Everything was perfect, and I couldn’t believe how thoughtful the entire set up was. Image 3 of Lauren and Steve

Image 4 of Lauren and Steve