Lauren and Steve

how we met

It started just like any other fairytale…redownloading Tinder for the fifth (or sixth) time. We were both relatively new to Colorado and looking for friendship or ideally a love interest, and Tinder had become the new way to meet people. I almost skipped out on our first date because, long story short, I was sick of going on disappointing dates. I couldn’t be more grateful that I showed up to the brewery that day.

how they asked

We had talked about getting married for a while and had went to look at rings once prior. I knew that he had the ring (he also can’t keep a secret) a couple weeks before and knew that it had to be coming soon. He came up to me at the gym and asked me if I would go to his company picnic with him that Friday from 2-4pm. Let me just preface with I am a night shift nurse. That Friday started my streak of 5 twelve hour overnight shifts in a row before we went out of town. I asked him if it was really important to him that I come and he responded with “it would really mean a lot to me!”. I immediately knew that there was no company picnic.

That Thursday night we were in our pajamas on the couch around 7pm and I wanted to test the waters. I said “man, I REALLY wish that company picnic was today and not tomorrow”. He immediately jumped up, told me to get our dog George and we were gunna go on a walk. I knew then that I had made a mistake with no makeup on, hair a mess, and my led zeppelin pajama shirt on. He drove us out to this beautiful spot in Castle Pines overlooking the mountain range and told me he never wanted to enjoy a view like that without me again. It was perfect, and we joke that it happened exactly how it should have for us (my yellow rain boots and all). I later found out he picked Friday as it was the only sunny day for a picnic (just for us, not the company) we had had in Denver for like two weeks….whoops!

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