Lauren and Skyler


How We Met

As a freshman in high school, I always had a crush on Skyler. He was that senior heartthrob that I only had the courage to admire from afar, (picture rerouting my path from class to class just so I passed him).

Fast forward about 6 years and I was given the choice of mustering up the courage to message him, or forever losing hope of my freshman daydreams coming true. I was terrified of being overlooked, so I used the corniest pickup line I could think of. He responded with such a witty comeback and we have not stopped talking since!


how they asked

Skyler and I are both very active and we love going on weekend adventures. Hawk Mountain is a local sanctuary with paths that lead to the top outlooks on the mountain. We’ve hiked it several times and it is one of our favorite ways to spend the afternoon.

This weekend was unseasonably warm so we knew we had to take advantage of the weather for one last hike of the fall. Little did I know, he had the whole hike planned.

He had his friend waiting for us at the top of the mountain, camera in hand and when we made it to the edge, he pointed into the distance and asked if I could see something. Curious, I turned and squinted to the horizon, but as I turned back to answer him, he was on one knee.



I immediately began to tear up as he stumbled on his words, nervous as ever. I couldn’t help but laugh as I noticed the ring was opened upside down, but the entire moment was perfect.


His friend had snuck behind us to take pictures of the moment, and the crowd of people that were just there to take in the beautiful views, began to cheer when they realized what had happened.


It was the perfect moment and I couldn’t think of anything that would fit he and I better.


Special Thanks

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