Lauren and Sean


How We Met

We first met in the summer of 2015 when Sean did a graduate Fellowship at the same company Lauren was working at – we sat next to each other for the entire summer, but then Sean went back to grad school in Michigan. It wasn’t until a year later when Sean was back in the city and at the same company full-time (shoutout to StartUp Health) that we started spending a lot of time together – riding the ferry from Manhattan to Brooklyn, watching sports games together, commuting to the beach (because that’s an NYC reality) and even jumping out of an airplane. Lauren was a bit oblivious at first but after Sean asked for a date she realized this could be more than just a coworker relationship. After the first date (at a beautiful Italian restaurant and an ice cream shop after), the rest was history!

how they asked

After asking for John Schafer’s permission (over a 3 hour breakfast and a list of 20 questions), Sean began planning the surprise proposal (which is no small feat with Lauren Schafer). The “plan” was to meet Sean’s friends flying in from out of town for dinner at one of our favorite spots, The William Vale Hotel in Williamsburg. After arriving and being whisked up to the private terrace overlooking the beautiful city we call home, Sean got down on one knee, asked the question and Lauren said YES!

The surprise continued with both families running out (after flying in from California, Texas and Michigan) to hug, cry/laugh and celebrate. It was the best weekend of our lives (so far… #thebestisyettocome)! We couldn’t be more in awe of what Christ has done to bring us together, all glory to Him!

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