Lauren and Scott

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How We Met

Scott and I met at Georgia College and State University. It was the beginning of my senior year and the beginning of his junior year. We both worked at the Wellness Center on campus, I had been working there for a year at that point, he just got hired. I was working the first time I met him. He stopped by the front desk to talk to another coworker and engaged me in the conversation, as well. I do not think we were ever properly introduced though. As Scott walked away from the desk that night the most random thought popped into my head. I thought “if I do not get to know him I am going to miss out on something special”.

Strange, I thought. I went home that night and texted my sister (who is married to a man named Matt) and said, “I met a guy tonight who reminded me so much of Matt!” Her response? “It is your FH!” (future husband). Scott and I became fast friends and would talk any time we saw each other. Once he got my number we texted every day and though I thought we were just friends he had other intentions. He patiently waited for me to be ready and even accepted my rule that he could not ask me out until I got approval from my family. He came and met my family at the beginning of our Christmas break and the rest is history. My family fell in love with him and that was only the beginning…

how they asked

Scott knew that I had no expectations for a proposal, but that both our families were important to me and I wanted them there to celebrate with us afterwards. He was graduating from college on May 7, 2016. His parents rented a lake house down in Milledgeville for all of us to stay in that weekend so that we could celebrate Scott and his achievements. Additionally, my parents were coming down that Saturday for his graduation ceremony. Scott told me that the Friday night before graduation he wanted to have a family dinner. He invited my family to be a part of that as well. For a second I wondered, maybe just maybe he was planning on proposing, but then I reminded myself that this is HIS weekend, we are here to celebrate HIM, I needed to focus on that and stop dwelling on getting engaged (I was really ready to call him my fiancé because he deserved a better title than just boyfriend, hah).

Scott and I drove down to Milledgeville Friday morning and got there around lunch time. During our drive I told Scott how special I felt Milledgeville was because we had so many memories there and we grew not only as friends but also as a couple there…little did I know it was going to hold such a special place in my heart later that night. He took me to get lunch at a sandwich shop where we had our first unofficial date (it was during a meal there that we both realized there was more between us than just a friendship). We grabbed lunch and then he took me to the wellness center to visit all our old managers and reminisce. I did not think twice about any of this because I just thought, “Oh, we are in Milledgeville it is a good opportunity to relive some of our favorite memories”.

We headed back to the lakehouse to get ready for dinner after that. As we were getting ready for dinner I thought, “he really is not going to propose…if he was he would have done it before dinner because now its getting late and everyone is acting way too calm.” At this point, I had convinced myself there was no way he was going to propose that weekend…and if you cannot tell, I was really ready for him to propose, I am not as patient as he.

We left for dinner and had a lovely meal with all our family. Some were still eating and others were finished as Scott whispers that he had to run to his moms car to grab her some medicine (she had just had surgery so this was very believable). Not thinking twice, I said okay and continued on with my conversation.

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About two minutes later, Scott’s best friend Daniel sat down next to me with a rose and a letter. As I saw him I knew what was happening. That is when tears began to flow and my heart nearly pounded right out of my chest. Scott wrote me the sweetest letter that everyone made me read out loud and then Daniel said we had to go.

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Daniel walked me to his car where a laptop sat with a slideshow of all of mine and Scott’s pictures and some of our favorite songs playing in the background. Daniel then drove me to the soccer fields. Now, the soccer fields are my FAVORITE place in Milledgeville. They have the most stunning sunsets imaginable.

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Scott and I had many date nights at the soccer fields simply watching the sunset. It was also at the Soccer fields where we first said “I love you”…which also happened to be exactly one year ago to the day. Anyway, we pull up to the soccer fields and I see Scott in the distance waiting.

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I, again, began freaking out and walked the LONGEST walk ever to him.

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I finally reached him where he said a bunch of sweet things that I do not remember and then he got down on one knee and said my favorite four words, “will you marry me?”

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My sister and brother, his sister, my best friend Lindsay, and a few others were there taking pictures of the whole thing.

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After we got some pictures and calmed down we went back to the lake house where the rest of our family was waiting to celebrate alongside us.

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It is simply the sweetest, most thoughtful engagement I could have ever asked for.

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He went above and beyond and incorporated so many of my favorite things. I cannot wait to marry him.

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