Lauren and Ryan


How We Met

Ryan and I met back in June of 2012. At the time I worked with my friend Stacy at a restaurant in CT and she had a group of friends from college in MA that were going to Foxwoods casino for the night and asked if I wanted to come along. I said it sounded like fun as I am always up for meeting new people! I knew a couple of the girls already, Kate who also worked at the restaurant with us on weekends was also going, along with Stacy’s cousin Kate who I had met a couple times previous before. When we got to the casino everyone was scattered in a bar and (co worker) Kate and I were sitting at bar stools as she was pointing everyone out to me. When she pointed to Ryan I remember looking at him for an extra second or two.

He looked like a fun guy, he was laughing with everyone and I was just immediately attracted. I cannot remember if we exchanged any words that night or not, possibly just in passing or in a group of people. Our paths crossed again when Stacy invited me to tag along to a trip to Boston to visit the same group of friends for Marathon Monday. Ryan was there and we talked a bit this time but nothing too serious, although he did ask me how to cook my veggie burger.   I responded “I’m pretty sure you just leave it on the grill until its hot.”   and we both laughed as the night went on. A year went by without seeing each other and in February of 2013 he came down to celebrate a mutual friends birthday in CT.

A bunch of us were having a party at my apartment ( I got an apartment with Stacy and Kate at this point) and Ryan came down with Chrissy and JT (Two other friends that were in the group of people who went to Foxwoods and Marathon Monday). We really hit it off, talking a lot more than the previous two occasions and stayed up laughing and chatting all night. In the morning I had work at the restaurant so I left quickly, with barely any time for goodbyes. I really liked him and couldn’t stop thinking about him all day at work. I texted my cousin that day saying “pretty sure I spent the night with my future husband.” The next day he sent me a message on Facebook saying how he had a great time the other night.In my rush to get out the door, he didn’t get a chance to ask for my number so he gave me his so I could text him.

We talked for a few weeks and  soon it fizzled out. Ryan was in MA working his 9-5 and I was in CT working every weekend so it was hard to make plans or start an actual relationship beyond text messages and a phone call at night. In April of 2014 I made the decision to move to Boston because I needed a change from restaurant life and wanted to experience the city. I got a job in town and moved to Fenway area with my dog.  A mutual friend, Chrissy, ended up finding out about my move and made sure to let Ryan know.  She later told me he was very excited to hear I was moving to the city because he had never stopped thinking about me and wished things had happened differently between us. My very first weekend in Boston, Ryan called me and asked if I wanted to meet for a drink. I accepted his offer and we have been together ever since.

how they asked

Ryan asked me to marry him on 7.29.16. The Wednesday before, my friend Chrissy texted me asking what Ryan and I were up to this weekend. She wanted to know if we would be interested in going to Granite Links Golf Course in Quincy, MA to celebrate her husband JT’s birthday a little early and to get a couple skyline pictures of the city for a collage she is planing on making. (If you need a skyline picture of Boston, Granite Links is one of the best place to go, its absolutely beautiful.) I said that sounded like a great idea told her to bring their good camera as I warned her that trying to get a skyline picture from Granite is difficult on a cellphone. It just does not do the view justice. Friday came along and Chrissy and JT came over around 7, had a drink with us and we all headed out.

When we got there we all walked over to the side of the course where you can see the city best. Chrissy started taking pictures, I took one of her and her husband together, and stranger walked by offering to take one of the four of us. After the group shot, Chrissy told Ryan and I to pose so we could get a picture. After a few shots, I walked over to Chrissy to see them on the camera and immediately noticed she was shaking. As I noticed this I heard Ryan say “Take one more of Lauren and I”. I thought to myself another one? We just took three, since when does any boy ever ask for another picture? I pretended I didn’t find it weird and walked back over towards him and when I stood next to him I could feel his heart beating out of his chest.

Side note: Ryan and I had a conversation once when we first started talking about marriage about the movie “The Pebble and the Penguin.” I told him that when I first saw it as a little girl and learned that penguins find pebbles for each other and mate for life, I just thought it was the cutest thing. When we started looking at rings, I would say to him “you know, if we were penguins you would have to find me a pebble.”

I was posing for the picture wondering if this was it, if Ryan was going to propose, he turned to me and said “I got you something. When penguins love each other they find each other pebbles” and he placed a pebble in my hand. Then he said “But when humans love each other they get something a little nicer”, took the ring out of his pocket and got down on his knee.


He asked me if I would marry him and of course I said yes. After hugging and kissing and asking when he had time to do all of this I looked over at Chrissy and JT still in shock.


They shouted  “SURPRISE! We’re not here for JT’s birthday and we’re not making a collage!” We spent the next hour or so calling/ Face-Timing and texting our family and friends to share the big news. It was absolutely the best night of my life and i still cannot believe that Chrissy was in on it and didn’t let the secret out!