Lauren and Ryan

How We Met

Ryan and I were first introduced by our two close friends, Ashley and Tim. Ashley and I were roommates and best friends throughout four years of college, and Tim and Ryan have been best friends since childhood. When Ashley and Tim started dating, they realized that they might have found a good match in Ryan and I, and set up a double date. We had a wonderful time over burgers and beers, and Ryan and I began to see and date each other after that initial meeting. Now, Ashley and Tim will be the matron of honor and one of the best men in our wedding! They say no one knows you like your friends…

How They Asked

Ryan and I had been attending a holiday gathering at a friend’s home in early December of 2018. During the course of the night, Ryan informed me that we had to make a trip to his parents house in Hyannis, Cape Cod the following day, as there was an issue with the water heater within the home. Since his parents were away, I agreed that we would be the ones to go check on the house. The next morning, and only a little hungover, we began our three hour car ride. In retrospect, Ryan was noticeably quiet on the ride, and I took the time to recline my seat and relax. As we neared our destination, I lifted my head to look out the window, and saw that we were going in the opposite direction of the house. Having visited this area of the Cape since a child, I informed him of this, to which he responded “We have to make a stop first.”I recognized the road we were pulling down as soon as he turned on his blinker, but nothing had clicked in my brain that something was about to happen. In our trips to the Cape as children, my mom and dad had taken us to this one particular beach in West Yarmouth. My dad unfortunately passed away when I was young, and this beach is fondly known by my mom, sisters, and I as “Daddy’s Beach.” We make a point to visit it at least once a summer, a time when we can all be together. I remember thinking how sweet it was for Ryan to stop here before going to the house, and made a point to say. We parked, made our way across the boardwalk, and began a walk down to the water. Ryan was doing a good job keeping me distracted, and naive old me made it easier for him by going down to feel the water. When I turned to face Ryan again, he was down on one knee with a ring box.I must admit I blacked out for most of his lovely speech, but managed to shout “Yes!” at the right time. I was in complete shock, which eventually turned to happy tears, and we both got a good laugh as we passed two older men coming onto the beach. We must have made an interesting picture, a girl crying hysterically and a guy with the biggest smile on his face. I was able to call my family and friends and share our news on our ride home, and then enjoy some Thai food and a Patriots game with my new fiance!I will always be so grateful at Ryan’s thoughtfulness, respect, and incredibly loving heart when he made this plan to propose. I will never forget the feeling I had that day, at a place so special to me, getting engaged to the love of my life.


Special Thanks

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