Lauren and Robert

How we met: I met Robert our freshman year of high school. We didn’t talk for a while because we were both shy, but we would glimpse at each other. Our sophomore year of high school, we became close! Robert sat behind me in our English class, and we would pass notes back and forth everyday. We had a connection, but never dated. After that year we didn’t really talk much, and never had another class together. As we graduated and went our separate ways in life, he moving to South Carolina and me beginning college in Panama City, I never expected what happened next. In June of 2010 Robert moved back to Panama City, and got a job working at Sears. Turns out, he met my younger sister working there, found out her last name, and started asking questions about me. After months of talking back and forth, we went on our first date to see Easy A on October 12th, started dating two days later October 14th and the rest is history.

Image 1 of Lauren and Robert

Image 2 of Lauren and Robert

how they asked: Let me start off by saying I have been raised in Howard Creek – my grandfather has had a camp house there since 1989 and I’ve been going since I was three months old. It’s about forty five minutes from Panama City, where we’re from!

Well for Fourth of July, there are always fireworks and a parade, so I thought what better way to celebrate then to spend time with my family and boyfriend, plus it was Robert’s first time ever going to Howard Creek! So we head to Howard Creek for that weekend and before we know it, its Sunday July 3rd. I woke up at 7:30am to go get a drink from the kitchen, came back to my bed, and found a coin purse under my covers. I came out of my room into the living room, looked at Robert and said “Aw, this is so sweet!” I shook it and said (while laughing), “Oh, is there money in it?”

So I opened it, and…. there was the diamond ring! I looked back at Robert and he was on his knee. It was the most romantic moment of my life and also the best surprise of my life. Turns out both our families knew about the proposal the entire time. We’ve been living our happily ever after everyday since.

Image 3 of Lauren and Robert

Image 4 of Lauren and Robert

Photography: Melanie McCusker Photography