Lauren and Robert

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How We Met

We were both attending college at The University of Akron and met in the spring of our 4th years. We were living across the street of each other but never had the guts to talk to each other until one of my roommates invited Robert and his roommates over for some drinks, it was one of the first nice weather weekends. We started to hang out a little but he had to go back to Austria for the summer, he was from there, so we lost contact for a few months. But once school started up again we started hanging out a little bit more and finally after 6 months of knowing each other we went on our first real date on February 3, 2016.

how they asked

Robert and I went to Paris for my 25th birthday. We spent the day wandering around the city, just taking in all the beauty of the city. He had asked me what I wanted to do for a birthday dinner, and I told him all I wanted was to have a ‘French picnic’ under the Eiffel Tower with wine, cheese, bread and other good food! The Eiffel Tower put on a light show every night starting at 10 pm so Robert asked another person to take a few pictures of us with the new camera his parents gave to me for my birthday before the trip.

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The guy took a few pictures and Robert asked for a few more, and right after that he stepped away from me and dropped to one knee and pulled out a box from the same jewelry store that my dad gets all of the jewelry for my mom from. Instantly my eyes filled with tears, and before Robert could even get out any words, I said “YES!!!” , and he just looked at me laughing and asked “Lauren, will you marry me?” To which I replied, “I already said yes!!” It was the best moment of my life, we haven’t had the easiest relationship but it has made us so much closer and stronger!

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