Lauren and Robert

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How We Met

Luke and I went to high school together! We never dated throughout high school though, but began dating after we had already graduated. Throughout our time in high school we had many mutual friends, but never really talked. Luke says the beginning of our relationship started when we became enemies on the kickball field. We both entered our youth groups into a local kickball tournament where unfortunately his team came in first. I may remember that part of the tournament, but he swears he saw me looking over at him a lot, but I think he was really just looking over at me ;). Flash forward a couple months and we were both invited to a Tony’s Awards party our friend was hosting. This is where Luke and I really hit it off. We spent the whole night playing games and watching movies and by the end of the night Luke was asking me for those digits. From there, the rest is history! Shortly after, we started dating!

how they asked

For those of you that do not know me, I am a Disney fanatic! So after working my first big kid job after college for about 6 months, I decided I wanted to treat myself by taking myself to Disneyland in California for my birthday since I had never been there! I called Luke when I decided this and told him I was going by myself or if he wanted to he could come. About a month later, Luke informed me that he was coming along with some of our closest friends! I was pumped to say the least that most of my favorite people would be celebrating my birthday with me at DISNEY!!!!

The trip came and disaster almost hit! My friends told me later that Luke almost did not make it to California! He was in the process of getting a new license and the airport was not accepting his paper license he currently had. Luckily, TSA let him through after providing some extra screening. We all had made it, and little did I know one of the best things ever was happening the next day!

With all my excitement, I was up bright and earlier the next morning to get to Disney. I kept trying to rush everyone out of the hotel room because I wanted to be there for park opening! Everyone seemed to be dilly dallying to me (later I found out it was because they were trying to hide the ring), but we made it to the park in time! For my friends another hurdle came I found out later, my friends now who were holding the ring almost did not make it through security! Luke took me to one line and my friends went to a completely different one (which I though was weird at the time). My friend that was holding the ring was so worried she told me later that I would find out that was going on when security made her completely empty her fanny pack and show them the ring in the box before believing her that it was just a ring and they needed to hide it. Finally all through though!

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We ride a couple rides take some pictures, and everything seemed to be just a normal fantastic Disney day! Then, as we got off the Indian Jones roller coaster and were heading to our next ride we slowed down and stopped in front of Tarzan’s tree house, where Luke got down on one knee and proposed! Honestly, I do not remember much that was said besides ” Will you marry me?” and answering “Yes!” and then I was just laughing out of sheer excitement! The surprises did not stop there though Luke had worked with his cousin in LA to hire a hidden photographer to take photos of our engagement and take other photos of us around Disney!

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It was an amazing day and weekend and will be an amazing lifetime with Luke!

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Special Thanks

Tina Caswell
 | Photographer