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How We Met

My best friend, Sharon was in Cancun on a family vacation with her kids. She ran into the mother of one of her old students who happened to be Rob’s sister, Devorah. Devorah mentioned her single good looking younger brother was coming to the resort as well and was hoping to set him up. Next thing I knew my what’s app was blowing up. Sharon was convinced she met my match and would not stop texting me about this hot guy at the pool. I found this hysterical being that she was there with her hubby and kids and she was obsessing over some random dude’s six-pack. I wish I still had the conversation. The texts went on for days! She was adamant about hooking us up! As the days went on I stopped answering and became slightly worried for my friend’s marriage. Needless to say, Sharon came home and told me she gave Rob my number without my permission or a picture of him! He doesn’t do social media so we couldn’t find a picture of him anywhere! A few of weeks went by and as time passed Sharon slowly forgot about “my match” until she ran into Devorah again! Rob had left me a voicemail and told his sister I never called back. Three weeks later I finally answered him and went on what would be my first, only and last blind date! We hung out the whole night as Rob did not stop TALKING! We both thought we were just a summer fling that turned into fall fling and before we knew it we were saying I love yous!

It wasn’t until a family dinner with my Dad that we knew we were truly meant to be! It turns out that our Dads worked together in the IRS and were great friends! We went through old albums and found pictures of them together and were literally dying! It was surreal. Our Dad’s both left the IRS and lost touch over time. Rob’s Dad passed away a few years ago. It would’ve been amazing to see them rekindle their friendship after all this time, as their kids, now lovers, brought them back together!

how they asked

On March 28th I went to my older sister, Karen’s place to plan for our younger sister, Jesse’s bridal and bachelorette party! On my way home, I called Jesse to pump her up about the upcoming festivities. As I was walking into my apartment Jesse asked me when I thought Rob would propose and sure enough as I opened the door there he was down on one knee! I was in complete and total shock! There were over 2000 roses, a gazillion balloons, and the most perfect guy! It looked straight out of a fairytale! The best part is when I realize Jesse was on the phone and witnessed the whole thing (watch the video until the end)!

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