Lauren and Riley's Airport Proposal


How We Met: Riley and I met five years ago while studying abroad during university. We were in different classes, however we both took the same extra-curricular workshop; African Dance class. He was one of two boys in a class of 40 people, you could say it was pretty obvious why he chose that workshop. We saw each other later that week while at the campus bar. He saw me first and came right up to me. My favourite pick-up line will forever be “aren’t you in my dance class?” We have been together ever since.

how they asked: I had been on a trip with some friends and Riley was picking me up from the airport. When we got to the baggage claim my name was called over the speaker and I was told to go to the customer service desk. They told me my luggage hadn’t made the flight and I had to follow them to fill out some information. They took me to another area of the airport where there was a big surprise waiting for me… He had planned the entire thing with the airport and had called my friends ahead of time so it was all caught on camera.

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