Lauren and Ricoh

how we met

We first met on FB/Twitter actually. We followed each other on social media before ever meeting in person. Ricoh broke the ice and asked a mutual friend for my number because he was interested! We talked for a while through texting and finally met in person at Kent State Trumbull Campus where we were both currently attending.

how they asked

The proposal happened on December 24, 2017. Ricoh had planned the proposal himself and I was clueless. I think I anticipated him proposing so many times in the past and was wrong that I didn’t ever expect it to happen anymore (LOL). Anyways, we had just decided to buy our first home, which was inherited to his mother when his grandparents passed away. His mom currently lived in our now home, so he told me on Christmas Eve that I needed to come to his moms for my gift. It was nearly 11pm and I was cranky, but he drove me to the house in my PJ’s might I add. When we arrived he made me cover my eyes and navigated me to the tree, where he said he had my gift. With my eyes still closed, he began to explain the gift came with a poem he wrote — he got down on one knee and began to read it…at this moment I realized it wasn’t an ordinary poem, or gift for that matter. I opened my eyes, and to my surprise he was there holding my hand in his asking me to be his wife. I was completely shocked, in awe and surprised. He had one of his best friends record the entire thing and his mother was there to see it too. I am beyond blessed to have such a thoughtful future-hubby to be!

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