Lauren and Ravi

Lauren's Proposal in New Rochelle

How They Asked

It was a beautiful Summer morning. I and Ravi were in bed, about to get up and start our day. Originally planned; we’d be getting ready to attend my mother’s birthday brunch that was being held at my Uncle’s house in New Rochelle.

As I roll over to get up to take a shower, Ravi’s phone rings very and weirdly loud. It was his co-worker, Kenny. Ravi oddly places the phone on speaker and I hear Kenny explaining that Ravi is to come into work today as they were short-staffed. FYI Ravi is an electrician, and can get called in on a whim… so this didn’t seem too out of the normal for me.

In disappointment, that Ravi wasn’t coming to brunch with me; his mother and I attended the brunch without him.

At brunch, during the festivities, I would text Ravi and tell him to still try and come to my uncle’s house even when he gets out of work…

Now, it’s coming close to 3:00. It’s time to cut the birthday cake for my mom! My mom approached me and asked me to go to her truck and get this candle she bought, but mistakenly forgot to bring it inside the house. (Again, very weird, as my mom would never make a pit stop just to buy a candle!)

So she tosses me her keys to go retrieve this candle.

As I walk to the foyer and open the front door, there on the pavement was loads of colorful rose petals, and at the very end of the petal-path was Ravi! Holding a sign that read “will you marry me, Lauren”. Completely shocked, I ran back into the house because I thought I was losing my mind. My mother Knew the whole time!

My whole family ran out of the door with me to Ravi. There he got on one knee and asked me to marry him, and of course, I said yes!

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