Lauren and Ralph

Lauren and Ralph's Engagement in Philadelphia

How We Met

Ralph and I grew up in the same town and attended all of the same schools growing up, even college! Ralph is two years older than me and he jokes around and says I followed him around my whole life. I always knew of him because my younger brother and his younger brother were great friends throughout high school. After many life changes, I definitely had my eye on him (social media). I texted my brother one day and said, “Frankie’s older brother is cute, hook it up!” Little did I know, Ralph had been telling his friends about me as well. We still talk about how crazy all of this is,considering we had never spoke to each other before. A few weeks later, Ralph made small conversation on Facebook about a Philadelphia 76ers event that was coming up. He is a huge Sixers fan and I just so happened to have been a dancer for them for six seasons. The conversation led to him asking me to go out the following week. I immediately texted my brother and said, “Did you tell Frankie anything?” He said “No”. CRAZY! He called me a few days later to go over details for our date and told me he would be picking me up at 1pm and would ring my door bell. This was just the beginning of showing me how much of a gentleman he is. Our first date ended up being a full twelve hours long! We just couldn’t get enough of each other. We went out in Philly for the day to City Tap for drinks, Steven Starr’s El Vez for dinner, Spruce Street Harbor, got ice cream and went to see a movie. The rest is history….

Where to Propose in Philadelphia

how they asked

Ralph recently landed a new position at work and told me he wanted to go out into Philly on Saturday night to celebrate. The next day, he told me he had made reservations at City Tap, which was the first place we went to on our first date almost two years ago. On Saturday night, Ralph and I and our friends Stephanie and Gene went out to dinner to City Tap. When we left the restaurant, Ralph told me he wanted to go take a walk since it was such a nice summer night. That’s when Ralph took my hands and said, “This is where it all began…” He said a few other sweet things,got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! !