Lauren and Rainer

How We Met

I’ve always hated math so I’m not sure how I ended up in Algebra II honors, but it was fate that I did. That’s where I met Rainer. I was definitely the teacher’s pet type of student and he was the popular funny kid, but once he crossed paths with me he said he knew I was the one. He said he loved that I wasn’t so interested him and he loved how driven I was. We were each other’s first everything and stuck through thick and thin over 9 years. I’ve seen so many friends get engaged, married, and started having kids, but I knew he was the one so I never doubted that it would happen in the right moment no matter how long it took. I’m so glad I was patient (most days haha) because the proposal that was coming was beyond my wildest dreams.

how they asked

Rainer and I love to travel so it was no surprise that we planned an amazing trip to Canada for my fall break. I get a week since I’m a teacher so we packed in everything we could! We went with a tour group for half the time so we could check out our favorite spots and then come back to them during the latter half of the trip. Since it’s about to be our 10 year anniversary, I decided we should buy a wedding magazine and start looking at ideas (again I was patient up to a point haha).

He was all for it and we read lots of cool ideas and saw beautiful rings. He told me he’d have to save up and he wanted to plan something amazing because I meant so much to him. Every spot we saw on the tour was more beautiful than the next from walking on glaciers to standing next to major waterfalls and peaceful lakes. The last day of our group tour was a stop at Lake Louise. As soon as I saw the lake, it blew every other beautiful scene out of the water. He loved the spot too and wanted to take lots of pictures of us. He wanted us to go down to a spot past where you allowed walking and the teacher/rule follower in me was nervous, but I followed him.

We took some selfies and then he set up the GoPro on the tripod to take another non-selfie photo. I turned around so we could take a photo and there he is pulling a black box out of his pocket. I want through a range of emotions because I never expected it. I was shocked and so happy. It was just like the movies where random strangers cheered in the background for you. The ring took my breath away and it was exactly what I would have picked. I couldn’t think of a more perfect place, a more perfect ring, and a more perfect person for this fairy tale.

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