Lauren and Quinn

Image 1 of Lauren and Quinn

How We Met

Quinn and I met the fall after we both graduated college. Having grown up in the same city in Indiana, we had known of each other since middle school. Based on where we lived, Quinn and I would have gone to the same high school except that he went to a local private high school. He has said before that he recalls a friend mentioning that we should meet back in high school yet his attempts on Facebook didn’t make it very far. Fast forward to after we both went to college, I was an NFL cheerleader for the Colts. Quinn is a huge Colts fan and attended many of the games. One particular game, in the fall of 2017, he was sitting front row with his aunt when he and I made eye contact. Soon after that, we got connected through mutual friends and realized how much we had in common. Afterward, we started dating and the rest is history!

How They Asked

Let me start by saying that Quinn is quite the trip planner. He and I both love to travel and have always connected with that passion. Quinn had mentioned a couple of weeks before our trip that he had planned a little getaway for us to Savannah, Georgia. I hadn’t read too much into it because Quinn has planned many of our trips before. I was super excited to explore this new city with him. We struggled with flight delays on our way to Georgia and ended up getting to our Airbnb at 1 am on Sunday morning. Quinn informed me that he had made reservations at a brunch spot for 8:15 am that same morning. Due to our flight delay and getting in so late, I asked if we could push those reservations back a couple of hours. Quinn played it off by saying that it was a very prestigious restaurant and that he didn’t think our reservations could be moved.

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With that, I decided that I could forego a good night’s sleep and we would enjoy our day in Savannah. As we were walking to what I thought was our breakfast reservations, we found ourselves in this beautiful park in downtown Savannah, called Forsyth Park. If you’ve been to Savannah, you know that there are multiple squares & parks located throughout the city. Forsyth is one of the most well-known and beautiful parks. Soon after getting into the park, Quinn made a turn down a sidewalk that was covered by breathtaking Spanish Moss trees.

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At that point, Quinn stopped and popped the question! He had a special speech prepared however, due to my lack of coffee/sleep and complete shock, I think I had blacked out! The next thing I knew, I said yes to this incredible man and found out he had a photographer taking photos the entire time. We proceeded to enjoy our morning by taking photos throughout the beautiful Forsyth park. Quinn then took me to an amazing breakfast location where we sipped champagne and listened to a live jazz band. It was truly the most special and romantic day. We are now happily engaged and having a blast planning our dream wedding!

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Special Thanks

Ale Santana
 | Photographer