Lauren and Phillip

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How We Met

Phillip and I met the old-fashion way, on the internet! I just moved to Orlando from Southwest Florida and was living with family until I could get on my feet. We talked for a few weeks until we actually met in person, from then on we were inseparable. At the time I was working for a cheerleading company so I was traveling the country every weekend in the beginning of our relationship, it was tough but we made it work the best we could. Since we live so close to Disney (and I work there) it was easy making the place where dreams come true, the place that Phillip officially asked me to be his girlfriend.

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how they asked

Phillip lost his grandmother who was like a Mom to him over the summer, since I’m originally from New Jersey I have always traveled there for Christmas, I suggested that him and his father join me to New Jersey, I didn’t to be away from him for Christmas, and that last thing we wanted to have his dad be alone. On December 21 we packed up the truck with Christmas presents, bags, and our puppy Bella and hit the road to New Jersey. 22 hours later we finally arrived at my parents in Seaside Park, New Jersey. I had a feeling something was going to happen soon, just didn’t know how/and/or when. After being in the car for 22 hours I got this bright idea to ask my mother to go to target for some last minute gifts. Little did I know what was going on. Since we are older Phillip and I have been talking about getting married and knew that we wanted to get married in New Jersey, had an idea of a date, and knew of a venue; so being the planner that I am, I asked him if he would mind going to look at the venue we like because we wont be back until July. Wednesday December 23, we were heading to the venue, with my parents and his dad. All of a sudden my mother blind folds me in the truck and starts giggling. After a bunch of turns and stops and more turns we finally come to a stop, and then everyone gets out of the truck and I am all alone, blindfolded. Finally Phillip comes to get me and takes my hands; I can tell we are by the water because of the smell and feel of the bay. I was asked to sit (still blindfolded), I can hear the shakiness in Phillips voice and his hands were shaking. All of a sudden the blindfold was taken off and my best friend asked me to be his wife. Of course I started crying and said yes! We kissed and hugged, turned to our parents for more hugs. It was so special to have our parents be part of the next part of our relationship and life. I was so excited to announce to everyone that I will be marrying my best friend. Oh yeah, and then off to the wedding venue that we were able to sign a contract for our wedding date November 11, 2016.

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